Things You Can Do To Enjoy Better Social Media Following

The primary objective of a social media marketing campaign is to boost your business website’s traffic by simply broadening the customer base, by appealing to them through content strategies executed via social networks. Why not learn some actionable tips and tricks that can amp up your social media campaigns? The top ten things you can do to build a strong social media presence are as follows.

1. Choosing the right social media platform

Smart business owners use a chosen few social media platforms to get desired results. The ideal way to figure out the best platform for your business is to do some research and find out which social media channels are used by the top achievers in your niche. If they have more facebook fans than twitter followers, then know for sure facebook suits your kind of business more. Once you know which social forums yield the best results in your field, you can utilize your time devising the most appropriate marketing strategies to achieve success.

2. Optimize your social media profiles

Once you are certain which tools you would need to enhance your social media presence, you must shift your focus towards optimizing your profiles. When you optimize your social media profiles, you have an increased possibility of being noticed by your fans. You also stand a higher chance of attracting potential followers. Resultantly, your SEO efforts get boosted. Including in the profile a good description of the brand and the products or services you deliver is a must.

3. Linking your social media pages with your website

Now that you have your profiles ready, it’s time to link your social media pages with your business website. This is an important step because you cannot display the entire product range on your social media page. Moreover, customers have a right to know about you more. You deny them this right by not incorporating your business website address on the fan page. Moreover, your fans might like to share your content; having your website link in the content ensures it gets shared along.

4. Incorporating social media buttons on your website

In addition to linking your website to your social media pages, you can add social media candies like share, like etc. on your webpage to ensure a symbiotic relationship between the two. Every social media platform has special plugins to facilitate this. The placement of these buttons on the concerned webpage determines to a large extent the number of times they get hit by visitors. Large visible buttons enhances the chances of your website content of being liked and shared.

5. Notice the influencers in your niche

So you are an entrepreneur with a good reputation, but there still may be people you would like to follow. They are the influencers in your niche. So, liking their fan pages or following them on their twitter accounts isn’t really a dumb thing to do. Social media use this information to recommend others to follow you. Smart businesses follow the followers of other popular business establishments too. The trick is to have some of the followers following back. Your competitors will post a lot of useful things on their pages, which you can use to your credit.

6. Striking the perfect balance

A balance between the number of people you follow and the ones who follow you is extremely desirable. Software applications use this ‘followers to following’ ratio to create the ‘who to follow’ list. While a high ratio reduces your chances of gaining new followers, a low ratio adds to the credibility of your account. A balanced social media account is far more SEO friendly than accounts having a lopsided follower- following ratio.

7. Never bore the audience

This is the recipe for sure shot success in social media marketing. Sharing intriguing as well as useful content on your social media page can turn it into an interesting and must-visit destination. People prefer to stay away from anything that’s routine. Uploading interesting statistics related to your niche, case studies and media files can strengthen your page’s social media presence. Uploading interesting stuff will not only make it worthy of being shared and re-shared but also will boost the popularity of the page.

8. Posting frequently without overdoing it

You are an entrepreneur and are definitely busy. But does your busyness prevent you from making regular social media updates? If yes, you are probably on the way to losing a huge fan base. It’s important to post regularly. While it’s important to keep updating your social media page, it’s more important to make sure you don’t overdo it. Popular pages with huge fan following are seldom flooded with posts. Studies have revealed that posting regularly and not frequently has a direct bearing on the popularity of a page.

9. Learning about the existing and potential customers

Your Facebook fans or Twitter followers are in reality the existing or potential customers of your products or services. Studying them is as important as selling your stuff is. Consumer behavior is a vast and complicated area of study meant to be undertaken by professionals trained to perform such jobs. But if you want, you can carry out your own miniature scale research at the social media page. Taking a little time to follow your followers back and going through their interests, likes and dislikes displayed on their profiles, can tell you a good deal about their shopping patterns and behavior.

10. Obey the rules; do not hurry

Twitter has a restriction on the number of people one can follow in a day. Google+ has a limit on the number of people you can add to or remove from your circles. Facebook has its own set of regulations. Every social media network lays out rules for the users to abide by in order to keep spammers away. So, you cannot dream of getting ten thousand followers overnight. Breaking the rules will disqualify your account and buying followers is not a true indicator of social media success. With patience without rushing into results, you can reap all the benefits of social media marketing.



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