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Cloud Storage Services Startups

The 5 Best Cloud Storage Services for Startups in 2019

The year 2018 and 2019 (so far) have seen the startup business skyrocketing in a short span of time....
machine learning Startups

Top 10 Game-Changing ML Startups You Need to Know About

Of late, numerous start-ups have made their mark in the field of machine learning. Absorbing the best and...
artificial intelligence Revolution

Which Companies & Countries Are Spearheading the AI Revolution? – Infographic

Developing artificial intelligence software is an ever-growing industry. Indeed, in 2016 its expected market growth rate was upwards...
Space Travel Tech Startups

These 9 Tech Startups Are Gunning for the Impossible – Practical Space Travel for...

Space travel is becoming a reality at the speed of light. By the end of 2018, the cumulative investments...
digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Trends to Make Your Campaigns More Effective – Infographic

What makes some digital marketing campaigns winners while others fall flat? If you’ve been in the game for a while,...
Promising Altcoins

Future of Altcoins: Who Will Survive by 2020

The crypto world has faced a series of challenges in 2018. Bitcoin has recently reached its yearly minimum, and...

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Seven Modern Technological Revelations That Impact Us

Technological Revelations Every once in a while, a scientific breakthrough takes the world by surprise and impacts the way we understand...
Google Pixel Stand

Pixel Stand – The Latest Versatile Charging Dock by Google

The earliest rumors since July 28 of this year suggested that Google is entering the wireless charging market with a...
Cloud Storage Services

The 5 Best Cloud Storage Services for Startups in 2018

Data storage is at the core of every business. But it can be costly to store data physically. In the...
blockchain projects

Could Blockchain Be the Next Big Thing in the Job Market?

Up until a few years ago, working at Google or Facebook used to be the dream of many young professionals....

Technology at Your Feet – What To Look for In Your Next LED Shoes?

Popularly known as smart shoes, LED shoes are more than just a super cool pair of sneakers that look amazing....

DropBox vs FileCloud for Business File Sharing

File sharing is a very important part of both our professional and personal lives today. No matter which industry we...