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christmas gifts

15 Awesome Christmas Gifts for the Gadget Lovers in Your Family

Looking to buy an awesome Christmas present for a tech lover in your family? Fret not, as we have made...
boost sales christmas season

How Small Businesses Can Boost Their Sales during the Christmas Season

Ah, Christmas! The very mention of the festival puts a smile on people’s faces. This is the time when people...
small business owners

Boost Profitability by Adopting Machine Learning and AI – A Primer for Small Business...

Businesses big and small want to hop aboard the machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon. But while advanced...
aanufacturing safety

Protecting Your Health: 6 Safety Hazards You’ll Encounter in a Manufacturing Job and How...

By its very nature, the manufacturing industry involves complex and sometimes dangerous production line processes. This is why you need...
mothly investment

Six Investment Ideas Which Can Help You Earn a Monthly Income

Relying on a single source of income – whether it is from your day job or a business that you...
house rental agreement

4 Essential Elements of a House Rental Agreement

As the cost of owning a home continues to rise, more people are opting to rent. Renting has many advantages...

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Indispensable features for web stores that guarantee more revenues

Web stores need to possess certain features that either improve the entire online shopping experience for the customer or make...
machine learning Startups

Top 10 Game-Changing ML Startups You Need to Know About

Of late, numerous start-ups have made their mark in the field of machine learning. Absorbing the best and...
Google Pixel Stand

Pixel Stand – The Latest Versatile Charging Dock by Google

The earliest rumors since July 28 of this year suggested that Google is entering the wireless charging market with a...

The Best Workflow Management Software for Small Businesses

Arguably, the toughest phase for a startup is when the workflow begins to swell, necessitating the deployment of more resources,...
Data Science SEO Data

How to Apply Data Science to Your SEO Data?

The present digital economy makes the effective use of data a no-brainer. Without it, progress would be impossible, as data...
Google Pixel 3

Here’s why Google Pixel 3 is by Far The Best Phone in 2018

Google Pixel 3 and its counterpart Pixel 3 XL opened for pre-booking on October 9, 2018 and we cannot stop...