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Technology Trends For Small Business

Top 10 Technology Trends That Will Propel Your Small Business To Success In 2020

It wouldn't be wrong if someone said we are living in the future. We have AI (artificial intelligence),...
Travel With Your Dog

Cutting Down the Stress: Helpful Travel Advice For You and Your Dog

Pets play a big role in the lives of their owners. In fact, roughly 84% of pet owners exclaim...
machine learning applications

Top 10 ML Applications for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term out of the books that has come to life in the last decade...
Multi-Channel Marketing

7 Ways to Kick Off Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Decades ago, there was just one channel — perhaps two. There was in person, there was direct mail....

Introducing The Eighth ‘P’ In Marketing: Why Partnerships Are Now A Vital Piece Of...

Partnerships are becoming key to company growth, according to Kantar's BrandZ ranking of the 100 most global brands of 2018....
Spot Unsafe Websites

5+ Alert Points to Spot Unsafe Websites

The world today is in a digital age. Most businesses expand their reach to a broad audience using the internet....

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The A to Z of Buying a Kickass Hoverboard

A hoverboard, also known as an electric hand free scooter, is not only convenient but super cool as well. It’s...

DropBox vs FileCloud for Business File Sharing

File sharing is a very important part of both our professional and personal lives today. No matter which industry we...

Indispensable features for web stores that guarantee more revenues

Web stores need to possess certain features that either improve the entire online shopping experience for the customer or make...

Technology at Your Feet – What To Look for In Your Next LED Shoes?

Popularly known as smart shoes, LED shoes are more than just a super cool pair of sneakers that look amazing....
machine learning Startups

Top 10 Game-Changing ML Startups You Need to Know About

Of late, numerous start-ups have made their mark in the field of machine learning. Absorbing the best and...
Artificial Intelligence Concept with Virtual Brain

10 Machine Learning Applications Already Impacting Your Life!

We are sure you weren’t waiting for us to tell you that machine learning is all around us. Machine learning...