With technology becoming more and more indispensible for modern, daily living, having the latest gadget in your possession surely sets you head and shoulders above your peers.

The following is a list of the latest gadgets set to be on the shelves in 2017 and little titbits you need to know about each of them in advance –


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This new age alarm clock uses your sense of smell, rather than hearing, to wake you up from sleep. It diffuses enticing aromas of your choice – like coffee, money or mint – to drive you out of bed at the appointed hour. It is predicted to be available by the end of 2017.

Nanoleaf Aurora

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A set of triangular programmable lighting panels that can connect to each other on any edge, these can be arranged in a variety of ways to create interesting designs and add a futuristic touch to your living and working spaces.

Onagofly nano drone

Ten Emerging Smart Gadgets to Look Out for In 2017

This 5inch/125 sqm drone already has a crowd funding campaign raising seven times the money needed to develop prototypes. Equipped with features like obstacle avoidance and live streaming, it is set to be the next big thing when it launches in the last quarter of 2017.

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Livestream Movi

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An entire studio in one camera is how this product aimed for an April 2017 launch is being described. It lets you crop videos from different angles and finally join them together in a 720p output, like what TV channels do using multiple cameras and sophisticated editing techniques.

Smart Ski Airbag Vest

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Meant for skiers, this protecting apparel is fitted with accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors that can predict a potential fall and help the airbags inflate in time to keep you safe. Given the description, it is also likely to be useful for senior citizens.

Sevenhugs’ smart remote

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The chaos triggered by an increasing number of appliances and an equal number of remotes will soon be brought under control by this easily programmable device that will let you operate multiple devices through the same remote. It is likely to enter the pre-order phase next March.

Origin PC Omni

Smart Gadgets to Look Out for In 2017

A cross between a gaming PC and an all-in-one, this computer with its Nvidia Titan X graphics card, 34-inch curved screen and upgradable operating system is the device set to satisfy every taker from the fussy gamer to the tech wiz. It is predicted to hit the shelves by March 2017.

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Credit: Youtube

A Tinder-like device for music lovers, this gadget connects to speakers and devices in its proximity, scans through playlists and belts out numbers it thinks you would like. There is a cross and a heart on two of its faces which can be swiped to let it know your verdict. Funded by a 200% successful Kickstarter campaign, the first batch will be sent to backers soon.

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

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The refrigerator of the future, this one has a gigantic touch screen fitted on to its front panel with some useful apps and a camera that can show you the contents of its interiors eliminating the need to open the door and stare in, every time you have to check your stocks.

Activeon Solar X

Credit: Youtube

This action camera with its solar recharging panels is exactly what you need for your hiking trips without having to worry about the device running out of juice. Set to be sold by March, this camera will charge itself as you hike up the mountain and be ready to capture the moment when you rappel off it.



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