These days, just about everyone is talking about the rumored wearable gadget, the Apple iWatch. Throughout 2013, evidence suggested that the release date for such an innovation couldn’t be too far away, and now that we’ve arrived in 2015, speculation is heating up even faster.

Following the announcements that Apple would be revealing its first wearable device alongside the iPhone 6 on the 9th of September, comes the news that the company is unlikely to start shipping the watch until early 2015. Obviously, this is nothing new for Apple, as the first iPhone, announced in January 2007, didn’t start shipping until June of the same year.


Could the iWatch be The State of A New Technological future?

There has been a lot of speculation on what the iWatch could mean for the future of wearable technology. Lately, there has been a significant shift in focus for consumers and tech manufacturers, as people begin to focus more heavily on their health. As industries such as Samsung, Google, LG, and Apple begin to take notice, introducing wearable tech to revolutionize the user experience, the trend is beginning to gain weight. However, various analysts believe that Apple’s offering could change the game of technology for everyone.

A study conducted by Forbes suggested that the sportswear industry around the globe could gather as much as $180 billion by 2018, showing a seriously strong market to come. The iWatch will be a complement to the arriving tablet/phone version of the iPhone 6. As the phablet will be too big to carry around when working out, the watch will offer a more effective solution, supporting the software ‘HealthApp’ that Apple have created.

The strong fan base and ecosystem that Apple currently thrive on could bring forth a new trend, and since Apple is known well for its high-end pieces, the appeal of the watch could raise interest in sports and fashion alike.


Of course, there will be a price

They say nothing comes for free, and that’s especially true of Apple products, who tend to offer their much-loved gadgets to consumers at a price that makes most of our stomach’s twist in financial concern. Various executives within the company have begun to discuss a price-tag of approximately $400 for the iWatch.

Although the official cost has not yet been finalized, sources close to the company have suggested that consumers could expect a range of prices for various models, which could mean that there will be cheaper options available for purchase, too.

A price of $400 would be pretty high in comparison to some other wearable devices on the market, such as the android wear from LG and Samsung which average about $200 each. However, Apple will not be lonely in the high-end market, as Timex will be offering an ‘Ironman One GPS+ watch’, which many consider to be particularly impressive.


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