How to Choose a Fantasy Premier League Team

Are you a prospective fantasy football premier league manager? Looking forward to building or rebuilding your team hoping to win this time? Most managers follow a simple rule – they first set a budget and then choose their players based on the same and hope for the best to happen.

Points are awarded based on how well the players in your team have performed. You also have the ability to transfer players in and out of your team every week, adjust the formation and rearrange your luck. There are around 3 million active users in the league and each one is hoping to win.

So how do you choose your players and build your premier league team? Here are some important points to remember:

How to Choose a Fantasy Premier League Team

Players who play

You need to select players who are guaranteed first team game time, if they are not then there is no point in having them in your team. Important questions that you should ask yourself before selecting players for your fantasy premier league team are:

  • Who is Liverpool’s first choice striker
  • How do you think Manchester United’s midfield looking like

Easy start

This is an important decision. You need to check the fixtures to determine which team is going to perform desirably at the outset. The team should be flexible enough so that you can tinker with it after the season is in full swing and things are taking shape. If a team is getting a relatively easy start then you need to lean towards that team’s players.

Do not go for new arrivals

It is usually a good practice to stay away from new arrivals because it is extremely difficult to understand how they are going to perform. They are new in the clubs and a lot depend on how well they settle down in the English game or within their team.

Not just star performers

Choose a Fantasy Premier League Team

Do not always go for the star performers. They will cost you more and might leave you with little or no money to fill in the remaining spots. You need to have an overall good team with few star performers and other average players who bring their own strengths to the game. Essentially you are looking to get 11 players in your team who can perform and add points to the scoreboard. You want to look at points per million instead of just points. The idea is to find the most possible value for your money. You do not want to pick a few super star performers and jeopardize the rest of the team with no do-gooders.

Avoid hunches and go strategic

Sometimes you have this gut feeling that a particular player, most probably your favorite or your friend’s favorite is going to be the star performer of the season who will simply steal the show. This is a bad idea. Do not go for hunches and gut feelings, but this is the time to make strategic decisions based on past performances and current forms.

Research well

You need to be strong on the research front if you ever want to succeed as a fantasy premier league manager. Tapping into the vast resources that the Internet provides is one way to stay updated on the latest transfers, lineups, predictions and more.

Days of loyalty are over

You are following a team and you have your personal favorites. But when you are choosing your fantasy premier league team, it is not a good idea to pick your favorites and show loyalty towards the team you are following. You must be thinking that you know more about them than the others, but this is where research comes in handy. You need to learn more about other players from other teams too.

Injuries and transfers

It may happen that one of your players is injured or simply not in form. This is the time to make use of your power to transfer. You will be allowed to do it on a regular basis. Make sure you are on the lookout.

Some important tips

  • You need to understand positions. Sometimes players who have been wrongly classified can be your best bet. You need to look out for defenders who are playing midfield and midfielders who are playing front.
  • It is important that you have a good understanding of which players are going to take free kicks, penalties and corners. These are the players that you need to have in your team. They are the ones who are going to score the most points for your team.
  • If a particular player has a higher price tag, it usually means that the player was popular last season. It reflects his ability to score more goals. This is usually a good indicator. It may also happen that a player had sustained some injury last season which marked his valuations down. Know your valuations as much as possible.
  • You will have to choose some non-core players in your team who are regularly going to drop in and out of your team from time to time. When choosing such players, it is a good idea to choose the ones that are from teams with home schedules and alternating away. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your cheapest and weakest defender is playing home at all times.
  • New players who are potentially gems are most often found in promoted So you might have to look out for them. If a particular player is new to the premier league, he may be a potential risk because of which, defenders are usually avoided, but a promoted player has the potential make a big splash even with less outlays.

If you were able to keep your cool and successfully planned your season right, you will have a wildcard saved for the nick of time. But it is equally important to know and understand when to play that wildcard. One of the best moments to play the wildcard is to use him during back to back double game weeks.


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