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Google Sexual Misconduct Case

The Fallout from the Google Sexual Misconduct Case and Its Impact on Tech World

Silicon Valley has been through several ups and downs, but the recent sexual misconduct fiasco at Google could prove to...

Analyzing the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies – What Makes Them a Success?

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies already and more of them are entering the scene. Yet, most will end up failing,...
Google Pixel Stand

Pixel Stand – The Latest Versatile Charging Dock by Google

The earliest rumors since July 28 of this year suggested that Google is entering the wireless charging market with a...
Google Pixel 3

Here’s why Google Pixel 3 is by Far The Best Phone in 2018

Google Pixel 3 and its counterpart Pixel 3 XL opened for pre-booking on October 9, 2018 and we cannot stop...
Cloud Storage Services

The 5 Best Cloud Storage Services for Startups in 2018

Data storage is at the core of every business. But it can be costly to store data physically. In the...
blockchain projects

Could Blockchain Be the Next Big Thing in the Job Market?

Up until a few years ago, working at Google or Facebook used to be the dream of many young professionals....
Healthcare Organizatio Adopt Blockchain Technology by 2020

20% of Healthcare Organizations Could Adopt Blockchain Technology by 2020

Blockchain, it is said, is the internet of the 21st century. Virtually every industry is looking for ways to integrate...
Buy Ethereum

Why Do Investors Prefer to Buy Ethereum?

Bitcoin is the crown jewel of the cryptocurrencies, but Ethereum is quickly catching up. Investors are starting to see the...