Why You Need To Leverage Email Marketing For Business Success?

Remember those days of AOL? You’d patiently scale past drearily loading screens, just to see the ‘you’ve got mail’ message bring a smile of expectancy on your face! However, over the past decade, scammers and spammers have taken the fizz out of the email. We’re sure you delete more than a dozen ridiculous marketing messages every day yourself. Does that mean that email marketing is not worth it? Read and find out-


To access the mobile surfer, trust emails

Forrester Research has published detailed analyses of mobile browsing behavior of consumers; the news is that 42% of them read emails on mobile devices. Add tablets and phablets, and the numbers increase. So, email marketing is your path to accessing the mind space and attention of such as massive consumer base. Also, people are mostly connected to the web through their mobile devices. This not only gives emails more opportunities of being read through and clicked through, but also ensures that what separates the customer from your message and your sales page is the click or tap of a button. Push notifications, HTML5 email templates, and supremacy of emails over SMS make email marketing a potent tool that every market needs to leverage.


Simplest way to a whopping pool of interested consumers

28% of US shoppers subscribe to emails from retail chains to be aware of upcoming promotions. 59% of US moms opt for being on email lists if they are promised rewards and coupons. These are important and substantial numbers, and marketers can ill afford missing out on activating sales out of these numbers. Pack a flashy coupon into your email and see people take you seriously. Plus, with tools to add personalization to email messages (such as greeting by name, suggesting products based on personal profile, etc) and to put email marketing on auto-pilot, there’s hardly any reason for a marketer to ignore it.

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