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Businesses-small or big around the world are using QR codes, a special kind of 2d barcode to inform customers about their products and services on their Smartphones. QR codes have been in use for some 20 years or so, but never in the past were they used as extensively as they are done today. This is not an eye-popping development, though, considering the recent spurt in the usage of Smartphones. And in fact, we have only been able to scratch the surface of what the world of smartphones has in store for us. QR codes are cool and crucial in the following ways-

Cool QR Codes For New Age Marketing

Boost your website’s traffic

If you are thinking of using QR codes for your business, then it’s important for you to know that there is a wrong and a right way of doing it. The incorrect way is to use these codes for the sole purpose of linking your company homepage to a user directly, because you can do much more than just that. The correct way involves placing the bar codes in a location where people can easily find and scan them, directing the codes to some unique offer, a contest, a page having interesting information related to your brand, and then compelling them to take desired actions. Using a QR code can definitely boost your traffic, but your goal just should not be driving more traffic to your website; you should also strive to offer something valuable to your customers in addition to that.

Helping customers take surveys and share feedback

If you ask your customers to visit your website and participate in a survey especially designed for them, they will probably say ok, and ignore or forget about it the moment they are out of your store. Your customers are as busy as you are. Even if they want to share their shopping experiences with you, their schedules may not be flexible enough to allow them to help you out with this. After all, it’s a great deal of hard-work participating in an online survey and filling in pages after pages. With the help of a QR code, you can make taking up such surveys and giving feedback all the more easy for your customers. They will be able to do it anywhere and anytime, even while waiting in a queue or finishing up at the register.

Convert your customers into email subscribers

By using QR codes, you can allow the people who visit your store, eatery, or office, to subscribe your newsletter through email. For first-time-customers, it is a chance to stay in touch with you and know more about your business. And for you, it’s a means by which you can build stronger bonds with your customers. Let your QR code take the customers to, say, a ‘join my mailing list’ page with a ‘scan-to-join’ feature. This might turn many of your casual customers into patrons. Not a bad deal. What say?

Increase your business blog’s readership

If there is already a blog for your business, you are probably aware that one of the most difficult jobs in the world is to draw readership towards a blog that contains product and service descriptions. And that’s simply because people hate to read such content. You can take a number of measures to grow your blog’s readership among new or potential customers online. But how are you going to promote it among your daily customers? Yes, you guessed it right- with the help of QR codes. You have to first think of a plan, by which you can get them to read it, not right away but later, patiently. One such way could be distributing printouts of one of your most popular blog posts with a QR code linking to more of such posts, printed on it. You can also print them on your business cards.

Earning more viewership for your videos

You cannot expect your promotional video to receive as many likes or views as a video featuring a baby dozing off or a monkey using a fork to eat, but there is a multitude of ways in which you can make it go viral. At least improve its likelihood. Besides sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., you can get a QR code created that would direct your customers to the concerned video. Unlike videos, QR codes can be free and convenient to create. Making the video reach your customers with the help of QR codes can impact a great deal of their first impression of your products and services.

Make customers promote your products on your behalf

If you own a retail store with a new collection of garments or have a bakery with desserts that look no less than works of art, you can upload their pictures on Pinterest. Because you are a business owner who seeks to publicize his products, you will naturally want that your pictures get noticed by existing and potential customers. Here comes the role of QR codes. You can employ these codes to link people to these pictures pinned on your board. A simple yet effective advertising strategy for your business. Isn’t it? In case, your customers like these pictures, they will share them further, leading to free promotion of your brand.

Getting people to register online

It must, at least, have happened to you once that you came across an event flyer, felt extremely excited about it, and found out later that you missed it. Labeling QR codes on flyers for promotional events or any other occasion for that matter is a way to ensure that your customers do not go through what you once did. You can use these codes to allow people to register online for an event or learn more about it. It’s best if you can give them incentives to scan the code and sign up.

Now, that you know in how many different ways you can promote your business using QR or quick response codes, you will probably make full use of them. Go ahead!


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