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Walmart has made a distinctive effort to compete with online retailer, Amazon by deciding to re-launch its website with the inclusion of personalized features for shoppers. The new website has the ability to provide customers with curated shopping suggestions based on the previous purchases they may have made (just like on For example, if a mother had recently purchased a car seat from Walmart’s website, she might be recommended a crib, stroller, diapers, or other baby related items too. Similarly, if someone bought shampoo, then they may be directed to other health and beauty products, such as hairspray and conditioner.

On top of this, customers can expect to be greeted with a unique homepage depending on where they’re logging in from and what the weather looks like.

Why a personalized shopping experience is important

The focus on personalization options forms part of a series of essential changes made to improve the shopping experience for Walmart customers, as the retailer searches for new ways to boost its online business, since the US division has been experiencing a seriously disappointing number of sales.

The importance of personalized shopping experience has become crucial to many traditional brick retailers as they attempt to catch up with various online sites such as, the ecommerce deity that made customized content for shoppers a reality in the first place. The information that retailers can receive from computers and mobile devices allow retailers to boost their sales through personalized data, and other retailers, including Staples and Home Depot have also been working to adapt their online purchasing experience.


The Benefits

Many retailers have begun to reap the benefits that come with personalizing their websites to meet customer’s needs, as well as considering other elements that improve the experience of shopping online. After all, the more fun someone has shopping, the more likely they are to spend more money, more often.

Walmart announced that its customers have responded positively to the improvements that have been made to the website so far. For example, when the search tool was updated, the website saw a twenty percent increase in shoppers completing a purchase after using the search engine. Among various other changes, the site was redesigned to cater better to smartphones and tablets, meaning that the images and content adjusts to the size of the screen better.

Shoppers are also going to see improvements in Walmart’s checkout process, as the company have claimed that they will be making it quicker over the coming months, with updates taking minutes, instead of days.

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