Driven by a desire to share the latest in news, articles, and ideas with the world, the Trending Buzz is introducing a “submit your story” section, allowing users to reach millions of readers throughout the world with the potential for financial compensation.

Today, there are plenty of websites online releasing articles and blogs about the latest news trending on the web, but few offer their readers the opportunity to get involved with the process as a community. The introduction of the “share your story” aspect of The Trending Buzz has been created by content connoisseur Rahul Sharma, in an attempt to promote a sense of society between readers.

About the Trending Buzz

The Trending Buzz

Rahul Sharma created The Trending Buzz as a homeland for people across the globe who have been searching for content that speaks to them, and for them. Composed of a series of personality-driven and engaging articles, blogs and advice columns, the website connects with the latest buzz trend on a level that shines with a unique sense of purpose.

The writers at The Trending Buzz describe their copy as a “content revolution” that they want their readers to be part of. To them, this means more than simply reading and sharing the articles and content that is produced by the team, but also allowing users to become members in their own right.

About Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is a certified web optimizer and author who has been expanding his experience within the web marketing industry for over six years. His experience in the industry has given Rahul the ability to see what people truly want out of engaging and share-able content, allowing for interesting and relatable articles.

Starting off as a casual internet browser, Rahul decided to create a hub where all of the most exciting articles could be stored in one easy to access place, for entertainment and education. For him, The Trending Buzz is about:

“Providing you with the information you need, the knowledge that you want, or even just the text required to put a smile on your face.”

The “Submit Your Story” Feature

The idea for the “Submit your story” feature on The Trending Buzz came about from a desire to allow readers to provide their own insight on the latest buzz trend, online news and more. Aspiring writers are given the opportunity to develop content about stories that already exist on the web – offering up their own take on a commonly cited concept. On the other hand, individuals who simply have something amazing to share with the world can use The Trending Buzz as a place to share their own personal stories, experiences, and ideas.

The benefit of this is that The Trending Buzz connects writers with readers who are interested in their stories from across the entire globe, opening up a new avenue for sharing that is bound to have a measurable impact. On top of this, The Trending Buzz is offering compensation to users who post stories that receive the most shares in a certain amount of time. That means that the more popular a story is, the more likely it is to benefit from financial rewards – on top of valuable exposure.


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Company name – The Trending Buzz

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Contact no. +91-8800199333

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