As everything is going mobile the demand of smartphone watches have increased considerably during last couple of years, especially in 2014 which witnessed launch of some great smartphone watches. This device is basically designed to coordinate the phone via Bluetooth and makes your mobile phone hands free. Using smartwatches you will know about the missed calls, caller details, etc. Following are the top 3 smartphone watches that ruled the market in 2014.

Top 3 Smartwatches

MetaWatch Strata


This band is based on sophisticated technology. It is made up of flexible plastic that can be washed easily. Its scratch and water resistant makes it quite durable and with a single charge it can last up to a week. Also, it is one of the smartwatches that offers widest assortment of colors including green, pink, orange, electric blue as well as grey. There are plenty of features that are available in this watch and with a price of $150, it is one of the cheapest smartphone watches available.

Samsung Galaxy Gear


It’s one of the sleekest and streamlined watches which is available in the market. This product is a hit among the Galaxy S3 and S4 users. One of the most noticeable features is that it makes your phone even more secure as if you walk away from phone, it gets locked. The screen response and battery is equally good and battery life lasts for good 2-3 days. Its voice function is also among the best in class as it makes dictating messages, making calls and establishing reminders easy.

Sony LiveView


This device is ideal for the people who are looking for smartwatches with minimal features and have a low budget. You can connect it to a purse strap or can use as a wrist band. The ease of Twitter and Facebook updates using this device is pretty good. However, there is no Bluetooth capacity in the watch itself.

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