Traveling is a brilliant experience. Not only is it an escape from the grind of daily life, it is also a wonderful chance to go out and see the world, experience different cultures and joy beautiful sunsets all around the globe. But, as the global economy will tell you, some places cost more to visit than others. These are often the developed nations in Europe and cities in the United States which have high costs of living. Thus, when traveling abroad, always keep in mind that you will have to pay more for visiting some place like New York for example, than you would for a place like Mumbai. Want to know about 3 super expensive, yet super popular travel destinations? Here goes-

1. Don’t lose your savings in London

It is common knowledge that the city of London is an extremely costly place to live in, which makes sense that it’s not cheap when it comes to tourists as well. On an average, expect to shell out around $177 every night you stay in the heart of the United Kingdom. One of the major reasons for costs being so ridiculously high here is the fact that Britain’s currency, the Pound, is almost twice the value of the Dollar, which translates to huge expenses for those who do not usually earn the British currency, as their local currency will not be of the same value as the Pound. Although there are means by which one might cut one’s costs while in the city, those not willing to pay much must be satisfied with lodgings that may not be acceptable and food that may not be perfectly palatable.


2. Those new in New York, beware

New York City is one of the most happening places in the world right now, what with its vibrant culture, important locales and rich history. It is also a center of fashion and food along with an extremely active night-life. All this makes it a very appealing target for tourists but alas, the city is not very friendly when it comes to one’s pockets. It is said in jest that one must pay with one’s soul if they wish to live in an apartment in the Manhattan region of the city, the actual cost being a whopping $2,000 for every month, for a simple shoebox apartment. One might think that the falling value of the U.S. dollar might help one’s bank account and while this may be true to a certain extent, it is best to not take it for granted, as one is still expected to shell out around $251 every night if one wishes to stay anywhere decent.


3. Pure Parisian bliss, at a price

The luminous City of Lights, laden with historic significance and home to some of the most exuberant people in the entire world, Paris is a magnificent place to visit. Moreover, the economic crises that has been ailing Europe has aided in making living in Paris a cheaper affair. In fact, so attractive is the city to tourists that about twenty-eight million people visit every year. This includes all sorts of people from romantic couples looking for the perfect getaway to people interested in France’s exquisite culture to the more average tourists. Although now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Europe’s economic instability, one must remember there is the rate of exchange to be accounted for, with the Euro being valued higher than the dollar, albeit by a mere thirty cents, this might be troublesome to those who find even the dollar to be costly. Hotels on an average will set you back by about $190 per night.




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