If you always wanted to look beautiful and gorgeous with perfect curves at right places then it is within your reach. However, it does require a great deal of time and effort on your part. To achieve an hourglass figure not only you need to flatten your midriff but also accentuate your bust lines, buttocks and hips. Following are some effective tips that will help you achieve a curvaceous figure.

Tips to Achieve Hourglass Figure

Weight Training

Opt for a fitness routine that focuses more on back, abdomen, chest and hips. It will help your body to get toned and curvy. Choose the correct form or combination of exercises that will tone your muscles. You need to ensure that you do such exercises under supervision.

Cardio Exercises

These will help you to burn excessive fat. Cardio exercises will help to highlight your muscles and increase your overall fitness level. A general notion is that reducing fat will also reduce your curves, however it’s not true. For more effective results, cardio exercises shall be combined with weight training exercises.

A Good Diet Plan

It should be rich in fats and protein and the consumption of carbohydrates should be as low as possible. You need to control the intake of butter, coconut oil and olive oil. For a curvy figure, you need to have five meals a day instead of the usual three.

Lastly, if you are sincere in your efforts and follow the above three points rigorously there are high chances that in short time you will achieve an hourglass figure. Also, you must keep a track of the progress that you are making over the weeks. It will not only help you to monitor your performance but will also serve as a great source of encouragement.


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