Thor Girl has been around for a while so don’t get all confused

Thor Girl has been around for a while so don’t get all confused

It was announced earlier this week on American morning TV show “The View” that come this October the mighty Thor of the Marvel universe will change. Thor will no longer be worthy of his hammer Mjolnir and another will take up the mantle.

The main difference being that the new Thor will be a woman. Now, Marvel has made it plainly clear that this is no second Thor or lesser version of the thunder god with writer Jason Aaron saying that we’re not getting a She-Thor or ‘Thorita’, the female Thor will be the one and only in the marvel universe, just unlike we’ve ever seen before.

What does this mean for the current Thor?

Big changes AND an ominous heading? Too much guys

Big changes AND an ominous heading? Too much guys

Well first off, this change will not affect the Marvel movies, at least currently, so Chris Hemsworth won’t be having to undergo any drastic surgeries just yet. With the release of Disney Infinity 2 coming next month Thor is to be portrayed as his classic male self.

However, in an interview with Polygon, the games executive producer John Vignocchi says that this may change in the future. Stating that Infinity is a platform which ‘evolves over time’, he noted that the possibility of creating a brand new female version of Thor hasn’t been completely ruled out, just so long as they get the demand.

As far as the current character in the comics goes, he’ll still be around, but now wielding his god-slaying axe Jarnbjorn, because Thor always needs a weapon with a crazy name. Also, for all of you thinking this is clearly some publicity stunt, in the full press release Wil Moss, the Marvel editor said that the new female Thor isn’t intended as a temporary substitute, she is the one and only true Thor, and she is worthy!

So it looks like the “big three” of the avengers will be looking quite different come the years end and Avengers #35. Current Thor will have a new weapon and presumably different powers and Captain America recently lost his super solider serum, transforming him into a skinny ninety year old as seen above. Keep an eye out for big news on Iron Man I guess, he’s the last to be effected.



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