Summertime provides the shining opportunity to move yourself outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with various outdoor parties and barbecues. For me, enjoying a delicious pile of barbecue food has to be one of the best parts of summer, but what many people fail to realize is just how much you can do with your BBQ. Move over questionable chicken legs and charred beef-burgers, it’s time to try something new.

Barbecue Some Delicious Food This Summer

  1. Barbecue Cookies

Barbecue Cookies

Everybody loves cookies, and all you need to do to make these delicious treats outside is get some plain old cookie dough and a baking tray. The baking tray may seem a little bit like cheating, but you’ll still get the slightly smoky taste that only BBQ can give.

  1. French Toast

French Toast

I’m a huge fan of French-toast, and this particular meal is a great way to get yourself out of the habit of only getting the BBQ out at lunch or dinner times. Barbecue French toast is a delicious choice for breakfast, all you have to do is get some crusty bread on a skewer and coat it in egg batter, then pop it onto the grill for about two minutes either side.

  1. Barbecue sweet potato wedges

Simply chop some delicious fresh sweet potatoes into wedge shapes and throw them directly onto the grill. If you want to go for some extra taste, you can add a little bit of flavoured oil or some seasoning too.

  1. Simple Barbecue Apple Pies

Barbecue Apple Pies

Place a pan or baking tray over the grill and brush it with melted butter. Then carefully peel an apple and cut into thin slices. Roll out a circle of pie dough and coat it with the apple slices, before adding more melted butter and a generous heaping of brown sugar. The next bit is a little difficult, as you will need to bake the pies apple side down on the grilling pan for about three minutes, without letting the apples go everywhere.

  1. Barbecue Fried Eggs in Mushrooms

Barbecue Fried Eggs in Mushrooms

All you have to do here is buy the biggest Portobello mushrooms in your local store and get rid of the pesky stalk bit in the middle. Then carefully crack open an egg and pour the whole mess into the cup of the mushroom, before carefully placing it onto the barbecue to grill. Make sure that the eggs are fully cooked before you remove them, as the last thing you want is uncooked egg-white in your mushroom.

  1. A Barbecue Paella

Paella makes a great summer food regardless of how you make it, but for those who really want to get the most out of their barbecue in the coming months, all you have to do is throw a few ingredients into a large pan over the grill. If you feel concerned about cooking raw meats and fishes, you can always buy the pre-cooked options and simply use the barbecue as a way to heat up your meal.

  1. Grilled Mozzarella Sticks

Grilled Mozzarella stick

This may not be the healthiest recipe option, but it’s definitely delicious. All you have to do is take a few chunky slices of mozzarella and coat them with egg batter and bread crumbs. Throw your creation onto the barbecue grill for a few minutes, carefully turning them over to get both sides and enjoy the melty cheese goodness.

  1. Griddled Oysters

Oysters are the food of love, and summer is all about romance, so why not throw the two together? All you need to do is get some oysters and place them carefully onto the grill, with the flat side facing you until the shells begin to open. Remember to make sure that the meat inside is hot before you start eating, though.

  1. Pizza


Who needs fast food delivery when you can make your own pizza on your barbecue? Simply flatten out some dough that you either made yourself or bought from a store and brush on some olive oil before placing onto the grill. As those dark lines start to appear on the dough, you can take it off the heat and add all of the tomatoes, cheese, and desired toppings before placing it back onto the BBQ for another few minutes.

  1. Grilled Watermelon

I’ve mentioned it once before already, and I’ll say it again. Watermelon is really the in fruit this summer. Slice it up into chunky pieces and brush with sea-salt for a hot and interesting texture. If you’re really looking to shake things up, you can add jalapenos for a delicious mixture of hot and cold sensations.


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