In dedication to the world’s best television sleuths, The Trending Buzz is bringing you our list of the very best TV detectives. Not counting Batman, these are our picks for crime-fighting masterminds, in no particular order. See if you agree with our choices. Did we miss anyone out?

1. Sherlock Holmes

No list regarding the best detectives on television would be complete without the world’s first ‘consulting detective’, and everyone’s favourite high-functioning sociopath, Mr Sherlock Holmes. Impossibly clever, and wonderfully strange, Sherlock solves mysteries like regular people decipher cross-word puzzles. Played by the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch, Holmes displays constant evidence of a remarkable intellect and almost super-human observational skills that make him immeasurably valuable to the crime-solving world. A reluctant celebrity due to his bromance partner Watson’s blog, Holmes tackles seriously amazing foes in the form stunning nemeses like Jim Moriarty whilst the press swarms around his relatively eccentric personal life.

2. Patrick Jane

An independent consultant for the fictional version of the California Bureau of Investigation, Patrick Jane offers assistance using the skills he gathered over his years spent as a psychic medium. Like Holmes, Jane uses keen powers of observation and a deep understanding of social engineering alongside a superior intellect to lead investigations and catch the bad guy. Although he uses his mentalist abilities typically as a way to solve crimes, Jane is haunted by the underlying desire to find and kill Red John, the man who murdered his family and caused his subsequent nervous breakdown.

3. Gil Grissom

Dr. Gilbert Grissom is a fictional character, and a forensic badass in the world of CSI: Crime scene investigation. Characterised by his devotion to logic and disregard of the social norms when it comes to behaviour, Grissom is a witty, quirky, and enthusiastic scientist with an amazing sense of humour and an absolutely phenomenal intellect. Though many regard him as brilliant in his capability to lead investigations and solve crimes, most people seem to consider him as a little unusual, and some of his actions can end up leaving his co-workers feeling a little confused.

Gil Grissom

4. Dexter Morgan

Blood spatter analyst and anti-hero Dexter Morgan spends his free time as a vigilante serial killer who tracks down and murders other killers who have managed to slip through the fingers of the justice system. As a method of satisfying his deeper desires for bloodshed, Dexter follows a code that his adoptive father Harry Morgan taught to him that means he can only kill people after has proved they are guilty of something terrible. Because of this, Dexter has learned to become a fantastic detective, stalking his prey and learning their deepest, darkest secrets with the greatest of skill. Emotionally divorced from the rest of humanity, Dexter seems to use his outside-ness to his advantage on numerous occasions.

 Dexter Morgan

5. Hercule Poirot

Belgian detective Hercule Poirot was created by the literary genius, Agatha Christie, and is one of the most famous and long-lived characters in her repertoire. Operating on a conventionally logical detective who tracks down the necessary clues to solve the case, Poirot also considers the nature of the victim and the psychology of the murderer when it comes to finding out the truth behind a crime. His main talent seems to be getting people to talk to him, and in the novels, Christie actually had Poirot lay down false information about himself if it meant obtaining important clues from someone else.

Hercule Poirot

6. L Lawliet

The candy-loving centre of adoration for anime fan-girls everywhere, L is a world-renowned detective who, despite appearing to be relatively young, dishevelled, and laid back is actually shockingly intelligence. Analytical and meticulous in everything he does, L uses bold tactics to draw out his suspects and his dry, sarcastic sense of humour makes him a likeable character even in spite of his anti-social behaviour. A master at misinformation, subterfuge and disinformation, L uses his knowledge of human nature to help lure suspected murderers into his traps.

7. Rust Cohle

State homicide detective Rustin Spencer Cohle is a troubled, yet incredibly talented detective, known for his capability to obtain confessions from criminals. His philosophical way of thinking pinpoints rust as a dark and intelligent character, who proves to be particularly effective at catching criminals, no matter the cost. Although some people consider him to be a little strange, or even creepy, Rust is a truly fantastic detective, with a keen mind and a sharp eye for every little detail, which he notes down in his huge ledger.

 Rust Cohle


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