Your Next LED Shoes

Popularly known as smart shoes, LED shoes are more than just a super cool pair of sneakers that look amazing. Nope, they serve loads of other practical purposes. Initially developed to help the blind, these shoes help the disabled walk without support. These shoes are connected to your smartphone, and use Google Maps to indicate the directions; the shoe vibrates whenever there is a turn. News stories of thee smart shoes in action are creating waves, already.

How it works?

Shoes are perhaps the most ignored aspect of a person’s sense of fashion. However, it seems that a seemingly insignificant pair of shoes can speak volumes about your personality, certainly, when it’s a pair of LED shoes you’re talking about. LED shoes look stylish, and comfortable enough to wear anywhere! And although they were formerly meant for the visually impaired, they’ve now become quite popular among the able bodied as well. All you have to do is set the destination and the shoes take you there!


  • User friendly
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Aesthetic appealing
  • Ideally suited for all customers
  • Track distance travelled and calories burned


  • High on maintenance
  • Considerably expensive
  • Not very durable
  • Have to charged frequently
  • Cannot work without an internet connection

The practical usage

Look for Your LED Shoes

Used by both men and women, LED shoes have become a style statement suited for formal occasions and casual wear alike. One popular brand in the market is Ducere; the brand is all set to launch its new collection by September 2016. These Lechal shoes have Bluetooth connectivity and a smart console that further enhances the functionality of the product. It costs about $100 a pair and has become a household name among customers.

What to look for in your LED shoes?

Mentioned below is a checklist of sorts that determines the qualities and features that every good LED shoe must possess.

The size and comfort

The first and foremost thing to check when buying a pair of shoes LED or not is the size. Get a pair of sneakers that fit you like a glove, walk around in them for a while to check if it’s comfortable on your feet. Consider the material and fitting before you make a purchase

Technical features

Once you’ve got the fitting, check out the features. Most LED shoes can be connected to smart phones and can leverage Google Maps and GPS. Other than this, LED shoes are also pretty funky and quirky making you the centre of attention wherever you go! The LED lights attached to the shoes literally enable you to set the style streets alight.

The Cost factor

LED Shoes

Considerably costlier than the regular shoes because of the high tech features on offers, LED shoes are quite an investment. Ranging from $60 to $100, these shoes come in a variety of vibrant colours and designs.

The future of LED shoes

From lights, hoardings to shoes, LED lights have covered almost every aspect of our lives. And the many partnerships and deals between shoe companies have only contributed to its growth. One such instance is:


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