The Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and ideas for the modern generation and one of the avenues that it has helped us explore is unique money making ideas. You are no longer restricted to a single income source and if you invest a bit of time and effort, you can earn a lot of money through various online sources. You only need to ensure that they are legitimate and keep your expectations realistic about how much income you will be able to generate individually from them each month.

Online Money Making Techniques

View Ads on Android Lock Screen

Online Money Making Techniques

If you are an Android device user, you have the opportunity to make money easily by viewing ads on your lock screen. There are certain apps that place ads on the lock screen of your gadget and pays you every time you unlock your phone. The amount you earn is not huge but it basically guarantees that you have a steady source of income without putting in any work at all.

Answer and Earn

Information enthusiasts will have a lot of fun with this online money making strategy since it basically involves answering questions from customers. All you need to become an “expert” is take a brief and simple test. The best websites dish out answers via text message or e-mail while some send the answers to the questions through the smartphone.

Online Surveys

Online Surveys

You can make a little extra money easily by offering your opinions to advertisers. There are plenty of survey-related jobs found online and they provide you with rewards and points for taking opinion surveys across a variety of topics. There are a few websites that pay you for becoming part of online mock juries and you get rewarded considerably on per verdict basis. However, surveys are fine for making pocket change but you would be wrong to expect large paydays.

Become a Virtual Assistant


Small businesses often require extra help to keep their processes running smoothly but they may be reluctant to hire full-time employees. When you become a virtual assistant, you have to perform every administrative task that a regular secretary handles, including travel reservations, paying bills or taking care of expense reimbursement. You can complete the tasks from the comfort of your home and interact with clients either online or via phone. Your expertise is going to determine how much you earn every month.

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