Summer Essentials

These days, you don’t need a great deal of fashion know-how to ensure that you look stylish when you’re out on the town. The right accessories or a great jacket can spruce up any outfit and leave you looking great regardless of the occasion. However, summer has now (finally) arrived, and with the sun comes some issues regarding layering which can leave you feeling completely uninspired by your wardrobe. You could simply purchase a bunch of different coloured tanks and some shorts and attempt to breeze your way through summer without being noticed, but that’s hardly making the most of what the glorious months ahead could have to offer.

Remember, with the summer comes the chance for Grease-inspired romances although hopefully with better hair), sudden, last-minute adventures, alcohol-fuelled nonsense and fun-filled festivals. The last thing you want is to scroll through your summer pics on your phone, Facebook or Instagram and find out that you’ve been wearing the same old tired combo in every single picture. It doesn’t make for a very exciting record, trust me. That’s why your summer wardrobe should be as brimming with radiant potential as the stunning days themselves, and we at The Trending Buzz are here to help you look your best in the heat with some summer essentials that you really must-have. We’re happy to show you some great pieces to help you look hot. No sweat.

The Pleated Skirt

The Pleated SkirtPleated skirts are a great way to look classy and stay cool in the summertime, and these days you can get them in just about any colour (or length). Find something that suits your skin tone or will match well with a plain top that you already have and you’ll be able to dress this skirt up or down according to when you want to wear it. A chunky belt and a glam top will make a fantastic outfit for an evening stroll along the beach.

The Frankenstein (Asymmetrical) Shirt

The Frankenstein (Asymmetrical) ShirtThis is a particularly fun item when you’re not sure of the image that you want to project. A mashup of soft and casual, bright and girly, shirts like these mean that you can show both sides of your personality in one go. What’s better is that with one of these beauties, you don’t need to worry about finding something equally exciting to wear on your legs, because usually a simple pair of jeans or shorts will do to complete the look.


The Bermuda Short

The Bermuda ShortBermuda shorts provide a cute and classy look whether you’re hitting the boardroom or going out to enjoy your time in the sun. Some people call them boxing shorts, but I personally prefer the Bermuda term, just because it brings to mind the casual, summery days that I’d like to have while wearing them. Add boots or caged sandals and a light top and you’ll be ready to tackle the day, regardless of the occasion.

The Relaxed-fit (Boyfriend) Jean

The Relaxed-fit (Boyfriend) JeanWhether you’re a girly-girl who loves any excuse to wear a skirt or a more tom-boyish type who prefers a pair of shorts to a sweeping dress, jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe. This summer, go for the baggy ‘boyfriend-look’ jeans that are a little distressed and preferably rolled up slightly above your ankles. You can pair them up with heals, sandals or any other fancy footwear you like, just make sure they look casual and worn.

The Summery Knit

 The Summery Knit

We’re hoping that this Summer will be hot enough that you can say goodbye to the world of layers and knitted shirts for at least two or three months. However, we know as well as anyone else how unpredictable the weather can be, so if you’re not sure about your summer days it may be a good idea to keep a loose summer knit in your wardrobe just in case. You can even keep these tucked away in your bag for a just-in-case extra should a summer day out turn suddenly sour.

The Maxi-Dress

The Maxi-Dress

These days, the Maxi dress is the perfect statement for summer. Cool, refreshing and ridiculously comfortable to wear, the maxi-dress is a wonderfully versatile piece of clothing, capable of acting either as a classy cover-up at the beach, or providing a stunning dinner ensemble. 2014 is all about bright colours and accessories, so don’t be afraid to let your true colours really show, and throw in a huge hat or a pair of stunning shades for that extra bohemian look.


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