Do you have a story that the world simply has to know about? Maybe it’s not something that would reach the local news in your area, yet others would still benefit from reading it. Perhaps you’ve experienced a difficult time in your life and came out fighting through the end, or bared witness to something utterly bizarre. Whatever your story is, we have the platform for you to tell it. Simply submit your words to us and we will assist them in their journey to reach millions of people around the world!

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Love writing and sharing engaging stories with thousands of people across the web? Want the opportunity to get paid for your passion? You can earn cash by posting an original story on The Trending Buzz! Once you have written and submitted your story with one link (DO-follow), it will go live within the community in a matter of hours. From there, our team members and editors will vote on their favorite posts, and those with the most votes will be featured on our homepage.

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Before you get started, there are a couple of rules:

·        We always prefer articles on latest trend/news/events/. Article has to be highly informative & engaging with copyright free images with resource links.
·        Your article has to be 100% original, and CS passed. You can use source material as a guide or resource, but you can’t take the whole story and simply change a few words and submit it as your own work.
·        You need to write at least 600 words.
·        The article cannot be promotional or selling anything, instead write something to inform and entertain.
·        Make sure that the link you provide is neither promotional, nor affiliate-based.

Good luck and get writing!

*Note: Story with self promotional content or links will be deleted immediately.