A new year means new resolutions. It also means new goals for your small business. Though, the words resolution is mostly associated with “to be broken”, remember that it is undoable only when you set goals that are too improbable, over the top and even unbelievable to your own self.

The trick is to take small steps at a time, even when it comes to making resolutions. So, if you have never been able to keep your New Year resolution of joining the gym, maybe it is time to change that to jogging on the spot for just one minute every day – anywhere and at any time. The same is true for your small business.

Instead of making castles in the air with all your grand plans, which would simply remain in your mind and never see fruition, make a list of simple goals that you can actually work on. To make it easy for small business owners, we have made a list of five super achievable and success-reaping resolutions that you can actually follow.

Update your social media

Update your social media

Though this may not sound like the most novel of plans, you would be surprised to know how many people ignore the part social media can play in the success of their business. Do not forget that your probable customers are, in most likelihood, using social media in their daily lives. They are also browsing for engaging brands and shopping online. Statistics show that 77 percent of U.S. consumers have a social media account. Furthermore, by 2020 nearly 3 billion people will be using social media. These are large figures and numbers!

Social media will continue to influence people. After all, it is not without reason that social media influencers are raking in the moolah. So, get active on social media and post regularly. Make smart use of your personal account and use it to augment your business, or have a professional social media profile. Either way, the keyword is “Use It”!

While you are at it,

  • Upload new and interesting cover and profile photos
  • Write a catchy business description
  • Update the page with accurate information like phone number, location and business hours

Upgrade your website

Your website is your virtual store. The featured products and services of your business probably change as your inventory changes. With each new season, you might have different window signage or feature new or upgraded items on your menu. Similarly, you should renovate your website so it remains fresh and attracts both loyal and new clients.

Your website should entice your customers to spend more time to browse through and check out the exciting new services and products that you are offering for the new year. Also, do not forget to ensure that your website is aptly optimized to be mobile-friendly.

Reconnect with loyal customers through email marketing

email marketing

If you are not making full use of email marketing for your small business, January 2019 is the perfect time to start. Make it a resolution to collect email addresses so you can connect with your loyal customers and communicate with new ones in a more personalized way.

Email marketing campaigns are targeted, cost-effective and measurable. It is a good way to communicate with people who already love your products and services, especially when they have opted to receive a mail from you. The strategy can be used to increase brand awareness and help you stay on your clientele’s mind and mailbox.

There are many ways to get a database of email addresses.

  • Set up a clipboard near the cash register
  • Post prompts on social media
  • Add a widget to your business website

Get together with other small business owners

You should always remember that the other small businesses can be great resources for you and vice versa. Collaboration with fellow business owners can have numerous benefits. For instance, a joint discount program will garner interest from your partner business’s client base.

Example, if you have a hardware shop and there is a local grocery store next to you, you can always have a joint plan where you give a discount to those who shop from your next door neighbor and vice versa.

Map out your plans

Well, now that you have the resolutions that you need to keep, the best way to act on it is to create a calendar. It can get confusing to keep up with all the social media posts, website updates, new content, strategies, and ideas, especially when most of your time is spent in the store, office, or shop. However, that is no reason why you should not keep up with your resolutions. Like, we mentioned earlier, it should not seem like a “too much to do” goal. It should seem simple.

You can simplify all the lined up tasks at hand by creating a calendar of all your plans. Start by

planning the month ahead and make date-specific plans for:

  • the upcoming posts
  • the content update for your website
  • collecting the first set of customer emails (set a target number)
  • identifying the small businesses that will be open to partnering with you for mutual benefit programs.

The resolutions may seem simple but it is only when the task looks easy that we are more eager to act upon it!


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  1. Hey Rahul,

    Great article. For me, getting together with small business owners has changed everything in the greatest way! I am glad you mention it here.

    Have you ever heard of Trello? This is what we use to plan all of our posts and tasks. It is great!

    • Hey Jordan, glad you liked it and thought of leaving a comment.

      Yeah, I know Trello, and many of my friends are fans already.

      In fact, I am thinking of curating a list of 50 free useful tools for small business owners and will include something like Trello there (something that’s free).



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