SEO in 2014

SEO In 2014

SEO has evolved considerably over time alongside SEO tools and trends. To achieve success in search engine optimization techniques, it is essential to update yourself regarding the latest SEO trends. Google, and other search engines regularly change their algorithm and if you fail to adapt to them, all of your SEO efforts will be in vain.

One of the latest trends taking hold this year is the increased importance of the Google Authorship. Last year, google reduced the authorship snipped by around 15%, in order to maintain the highest form of quality, and it has led to increased competition among authors. Clear evidence of this can be seen through search results, as in some you will see full authorship details, whereas others only display a byline. The search engine major also includes the credibility and reputation of the author, as well as the site on which the content is posted. Sooner or later, content with less impressive author rankings will become irrelevant to search engines, placing extreme importance upon ranking for internet marketers.

Now, even marketers have realized the social media has become the backbone of success. Regardless of whether you have to disseminate the content or refer traffic, nothing is better than social media when it comes to marketing. Facebook is currently leading the pack, followed closely by Twitter and LinkedIn. As the reach of these sites are unparalleled, they are bound to be included within the formation of SEO strategies.

Article writing and guest blogging remain among the biggest attractions for 2014 SEO marketing strategies, like the previous years. These techniques are ideal for building credibility, creating brand authority, link building and various other benefits. It seems that guest blogs and articles are going to remain excellent tools in strategies for the audience, making inbound links count. However, it is crucial to be cautious of duplicate content or spam, as this will do more harm than good, effectively ruining all of your SEO marketing efforts.

The role of specialized SEO services will be enhanced this year due to fierce competition within the field. Gone are the days when a small in-house SEO department could maintain the online activities. Now, in order to differentiate your strategy among the rest, one needs to opt for trusted and reliable SEO service providers.

Finally, mobile optimization will receive its due importance this year. Due to the Hummingbird update by Google, it has become very difficult for some sites to rank well. This update demands changes in both design, and content strategy for smartphones. As a large number of people use smartphones regularly, implementing these smartphone optimized SEO techniques is highly recommended.

It is a must for any individual to dedicate a lot of time, energy, and effort into learning about the latest SEO trends and inculcate the same in his SEO strategy. Take the time to follow some of the most reputed sties and see what they are doing right.


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