A beautiful day lit up with bright sunlight, a sprinkle of fresh air, a whiff of flowers, the sound of laughter, the melody of your favorite songs, and the happiness of getting married to the man or woman of your dreams: a wedding should be everything you had ever dreamt of, and you deserve only the best. If you’re having a little trouble deciding, however, here are some ideas to help you plan a kind of wedding that you’d want to relive over and over again.

Some Ideas to Help You Plan a Memorable Wedding

Planning A Memorable Wedding

Setting the Stage: A Perfect Location

Whether it’s a spring day, a summer evening, or snow-covered winter morning where the world looks like a wonderland, the seasons are as important as selecting the perfect venue for your wedding. A quaint little chapel, a perfect ceremony hall for all your hundreds of guests, a verdant green meadow at the club – there are so many options. In fact, since it’s your wedding, you might even plan a destination wedding at a fjord in Norway surrounded by the stark beauty of nature, a gorgeous sandy white beach in Hawaii with a summer wedding, or in a lovely little village or quaint Mediterranean island in Malta. Every couple deserves the perfect day – and that includes the perfect location as well.

The Perfect Music that Speaks to the two of you

String music filling the air with sonorous notes, the piano’s soulful tunes setting the stage for a romantic dance, or just tunes from that dance where you met your soulmate for the first time, the first live concert that you went to together, or the first album you bought: music is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a memorable wedding. To make your first dance together as a couple even more special, arrange for a band rather than a DJ; to make the evening more fun for your guests as well as yourself, ensure that there’s a playlist of some incredible songs. In the end, remember that this day is all about what you love!

Capturing your Memories in a Unique Way

Photographs and photo-booths have held sway with wedding planners in recent years, ensuring that there are lasting (and fun) memories of all the people who made your day special! Ensure there are a lot of fun props, and try asking guests to make little video snippets. These only last several seconds, are generally concise, and extremely special when put together in the form of a video flip-book. If there’s any way of capturing the essence of a photo album while ensuring that the memories linger on far longer, this is the way to go.

A Tale of the Tipple and some Culinary Delights

Food and drinks are such an important aspect of weddings, for which most couples prefer leaving this to a caterer. The menu is an important aspect of your wedding day, because that too is a part of your theme, your décor, and everything special about your day. Choose the wedding cake that you love, make sure that there’s an unlimited bar that keeps guests happy, and have a wedding that is remembered not just for the dance and the ceremony but for every tiny detail including the food. With a little care and attention to the menu, the day can be made so much more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Incredible Centerpieces with some Surprises thrown in

Centerpieces have traditionally been associated with party favors and decorative pieces, but if you’re planning on having take-home centerpieces, why not consider upping the fun quotient a bit and converting it into a game? In one instance, the couple had planned for an impromptu game in the form of bread-plate numbers, video of a horse-race, and a winning number which ensured that guests got to go home with the centerpiece if they won. Quite an interesting way to make your wedding more memorable and fun, both for yourself and for your guests.

Keep the Kids and Teens Happy

Many weddings have one potential flaw – harassed parents trying to keep their kids happy, babies wailing in the middle of ceremonial vows, and grumpy bored teens casting a shadow over an otherwise sunny day. To ensure that the adults have as much fun as the kids, you could perhaps add a 1+1 option for children who get to bring along their favorite toy to the wedding. A toy table and kids-only area is a safe as well as convenient option, for instance. Teens too would appreciate the freedom of an area and entertainment zone for people their age. In our opinion, the happier your guests, the more blemish-free your day!

Create a video journal just for yourself

A video journal is perhaps one of the best ways to remember your wedding for days to come. From that first day of the proposal, to the day of the wedding itself, each day is a special part of your journey. A video journal is just the perfect way to capture the panic, the euphoria, and the joys that go into the putting together of a perfect wedding. On the day itself, make sure to take some time out and capture all your thoughts and emotions as the day progresses so as to have something to help you relive these same memories, years later when you’re sitting by a fireplace with your children and telling them your beautiful love story.

Save a little time for yourself and your partner

A little advanced planning and preparation can save you a lot of last minute hassle, ensuring that you have a little alone-time away from all the people can help both yourself and your partner enjoy your wedding more. Take some time out for the two of you, during the wedding: find a nook or cranny, set a time, and meet in secret away from everyone else for a thrilling and rather romantic interlude. As a side note, we would also recommend that you take a day’s break after your wedding before setting off on your honeymoon: these are two wonderful periods of your life, and a day’s break is just what you need to rewind, remember and take in all these amazing experiences without feeling too overwhelmed!


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