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digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Trends to Make Your Campaigns More Effective – Infographic

What makes some digital marketing campaigns winners while others fall flat? If you’ve been in the game for a while,...
Promising Altcoins

Future of Altcoins: Who Will Survive by 2020

The crypto world has faced a series of challenges in 2018. Bitcoin has recently reached its yearly minimum, and...
Web Design Trends

What Following Web Design Trends Can Do for Your Website

Opening a website in this day and age has never been easier. Even so, as many as 25%...
Artificial Intelligence Concept with Virtual Brain

10 Machine Learning Applications Already Impacting Your Life!

We are sure you weren’t waiting for us to tell you that machine learning is all around us. Machine learning...
no internet connection

Steps to take in case of no “Internet Connection”

We have become attached to using the Internet in our daily routine. It has become a part of our existence....
Creating Interactive Content

Best Tools for Creating Interactive Content to Educate, Entertain, and Engage Your Audience

Most websites out there are focused on the same niche. So, what would make your site stand out from all...
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I am Rahul Sharma a freelance Creative Writer. The work that I do is the love of my life.

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DropBox vs FileCloud for Business File Sharing

File sharing is a very important part of both our professional and personal lives today. No matter which industry we...

Ten Emerging Smart Gadgets to Look Out for In 2017

With technology becoming more and more indispensible for modern, daily living, having the latest gadget in your possession surely sets...

The Battlefield of IoT Buttons – Introduction to the Superstars

What is IoT? The internet has evolved from an out-of-reach concept to something that permeates every sphere of our lives –...

iWatch This Space: Wearable Gadget Need-to-Know Details

These days, just about everyone is talking about the rumored wearable gadget, the Apple iWatch. Throughout 2013, evidence suggested that...
blockchain projects

Could Blockchain Be the Next Big Thing in the Job Market?

Up until a few years ago, working at Google or Facebook used to be the dream of many young professionals....

Bit by Bit Bitcoins: Bitcoin Going Mainstream

Bitcoin Going Mainstream The introduction of crypto-currency or ‘digital currency’ has been increasing in influence and reach for the past few...