Myntra’s Shopping on the Go Strategy

You might have heard the news that “Myntra – A famous online fashion retailer is closing their website from 1st May 2015.” They might throw something in mind for choosing such a hazardous measure. Myntra has disclosed that 90 percent of its traffic come from mobiles and 85 percent of traffic driven by top 3 mobile OS – Android, iOS, Windows.

The CEO of Myntra and Flipkat Mukesh Bansal is looking forth to run the same strategy with Flipkart too. A source stated that “Currently, Myntra draws as much as 80% of its traffic and 70% of gross revenue from its mobile app. Flipkart, too, registers more than 60% of sales through its app.”

As this step looks cool, but also it has some cons with it. Many Indian online users don’t prefer to do shopping with mobile and they are not satisfied with the decision of Myntra. It might cause a break in their shopping relationship with Myntra.

Here are 5 reasons that Myntra might loss the customer’s after being App only retailer

1. What if I don’t own a Smartphone?
As a marketer, you can’t be sure about the increase in mobile users after moving Shopping on the Go. I don’t believe that every online user in India is having a Smartphone. What If I don’t own a smart phone and still want to purchase clothes from Myntra. This makes them a big red ink in terms of fresh clients.

2. What if I like to envision the product in bigger size?
As an Indian online shopper, I see a product 10 times in zoomed before buying it and I prefer a website for that. Desktop website is more convenient to use. Yet, they are having 30 days return policy scheme, but still I am not ready to accommodate this.

3. What If don’t have a Fast & Featured Smartphone?
Not everyone is having a highly featured and fast smartphone. They become afraid about the balance deduction if their phone got slow while transaction. As a mobile user, I don’t prefer to do mobile transaction.
As well I don’t like to add many apps in my smartphone because it slows my mobile and fill the memory away.

4. What If I have a blackberry?
Not everyone, but 10 of 100 might have a blackberry smartphone in India. And what if they want to buy any product from Myntra? They don’t have any choice apart from landing on other similar website.

5. What If I use another site for a price reduction?
As an online shopper, I don’t really look for the discount and vouchers at the brand site. I applied to Google for the discounts for any make. This is not just me, rater lots of online users are Googling for the offers and coupons. There are lots of websites like –, are having a bunch of coupons and offers for every brand. Then they have a choice to enforce the best offer which can make them a product in good price.

These reasons are might not impacting the existing clients and sales of Myntra but still affect the desktop user and new willing customers. Let’s trail Myntra for their Shopping on the Go marketing strategy, if they got success in this anyhow. You’ll witness another doing the same as Flipkart is in the queue.

Good Luck Myntra



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