Decades ago, there was just one channel — perhaps two. There was in person, there was direct mail. And that was really it in terms of how businesses could market to existing and potential customers. Now, marketers discuss omni channel marketing. And of course, omni channel marketing has come about thanks to technology. Without tech, there’s no way that marketers could reach the variety of people they reach, not just in their own communities, but across the globe.

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What’s different about omni channel from multi channel is that the former is about the full experience — there are no lanes to divide things and no lanes to divide how customers might come about information. That means there’s not a silo, moving from one direct thing to another. Instead there might be multiple touch points and various levels of engagement. What else do you need to understand about omni channel marketing? This graphic helps to explain things in more detail.

Image Source: Pixabay


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