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Meet the Team

Welcome to our ‘meet the team’ section here at Trending Buzz. This is the place where you can get to know a little bit more about the contributors you’re going to be hearing from on our site. Making their home here at the Trending Buzz, our writers hope to share her love of the written word and of course, the exciting, constantly evolving, and ever-surprising world we live in with the online community (that means you, beloved reader!).

Rebekah (Becks)


Rebekah has loved writing from the very first moment she was handed a pen in school, (after the pain and trauma of her initial writing-based hand cramps wore off). Armed with a piece of paper that later lead to various life-threatening paper cuts and whimsical flights of fancy, Becks found her calling creating pieces of engaging content about anything and everything that caught her attention. When she isn’t tapping away at a computer screen, Rebekah is either indulging in a good book, spouting nonsense at her friends, snoozing in a heap of cushions, binging on the latest television series or beating her own high-scores in various games. A lover of the weird and wonderful, Rebekah devotes herself to constantly finding the most interesting information she can share.






Nathan (NJ)

Nathan (NJ)NJ Finch tried his hand at a number of skills in an attempt to find a career suitable for a Forest boy, but alas, his heart lay in writing, and as such found himself here, where he may lay out his ability for you (the online public) to judge. When he isn’t writing, he can be found with his face buried in a book, a good game or listening to some racket he uncovered from the late 60’s, or else unconscious in a corner somewhere in an act of what he calls “Source Gathering” (but we really know to be just sleeping). His inspirations come from the writings of Thompson, Moore, and King, while his interests stem the divides of fantasy, science, nonsense, and reality.







Wasiq Amir

Wasiq Amir Publishing an award-winning piece of material through his school at the age of twelve, Wasiq Amir has always committed himself to looking into the most creative parts of literature. While his competitor’s stories focused on their favourite cartoons, his considered a serious, yet often forgotten issue regarding the life of an Asiatic bear. Even though it was a minor accomplishment, it prompted a new found confidence in his writing abilities. His field of expertise has further expanded into the realms of not only science and technology though professional qualifications, but also into media such as games and movies through a never ending appetite for stimulating entertainment. His writing styles have therefore, evolved to match the subjects, allowing him to be as diverse as the topics he writes about.







Daniel (Dan)

Daniel (Dan)Dan loves entertainment. Be it games, T.V., film or even a damn good book he loves to be pulled into a world of rich characters or at the very least some comically gratuitous violence. He enjoys entertainment so much that he wants to be a part of it; to become the entertainer of you lovely people, especially you [insert name here] you’re the most important. His unique, quirky, and sometimes humorously harsh pieces may not always be on the latest news or releases, but will always be regarding a topic he feels strongly about. When not indulging in his favourite games or shows of the moment, Dan likes to read his ‘about me’ aloud in order to freak people out.