Of late, numerous start-ups have made their mark in the field of machine learning. Absorbing the best and brightest machine learning developers around, these companies are committed to offering global software development services to organizations.

Machine Learning

However, given the cutthroat competition in this domain and the sheer number of new players entering this niche market, it is becoming more and more difficult to list the best ML start-ups worldwide. You need to consider some critical parameters before approaching a deep learning company, like website reviews, proven history, years of experience, technical expertise, money back guarantee, and diversified portfolio.

To make things easier, we have listed the most prominent start-ups that are pushing the boundaries of machine learning like no other. Find more below:


Based in the US and India, ValueCoders is one of the most reputed machine learning companies. Founded in 2004, this company focuses mainly on offshore software development services and offers an exciting combination of ML and AI development.

With over 14 years of business experience and more than 450 developers, this ISO and CMMI Level 3 certified start-up works with digital agencies and software product development firms across the globe to help simplify their IT outsourcing experience and decrease costs. No wonder the number of satisfied clients exceeds 2500 and the client retention rate is at a whopping 96 percent.

Citrine Informatics

This platform absorbs and analyses extensive technical data sets of chemicals, devices, and materials to streamline the research and development process, supply chain operations, and manufacturing for any company that produces a physical product.

The average users of the Citrine Informatics platform are engineers and scientists at big materials and manufacturing companies along with researchers at government labs and universities.

Winner of AI Breakthrough’s Best AI-based solution for Manufacturing award, Citrine is an independent company that stays current with the latest technologies, products, and players in the global ML market right now.


Cinnamon relies on ML and AI techniques to automate the process of data extraction from unstructured documents. The co-founders of this startup possess plenty of experience when it comes to recommending engine optimization and design.

Some of their developed products include the powerful Lapis Engine, which combines vectorization of product and user details to deliver accurate matching and recommendations. Cinnamon is based in Vietnam and Tokyo and has slowly begun its expansion in the West, namely the United States.


Founded in the year 2004, this is one of the most notable artificial intelligence web agencies offering world-class full service. PixelCrayons has a physical presence in the United Kingdom, United States, and India, and offers a wide variety of mobile application development services and web development.

The company excels at providing customized AI and machine learning solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises across the world. Any company that works with PixelCrayons will be able to save up to 60 percent of development cost and even get a great team of highly skilled ML developers, a solid infrastructure, and every new technology development necessary for the project.

Thanks to its unparalleled service, PixelCrayons is considered one of the best ML and AI development companies in India.


Look past the shiny veneer of hype surrounding artificial intelligence in talent management and you will be left with an unmet yet urgent need for increased contextual intelligence and knowledge regarding each phase of talent management.

Eightfold.ai is capable of fulfilling these needs, thanks to the use of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Founded by former Facebook and Google AI scientists Varun Kacholia and Ashutosh Garg, the duo has put their 6000+ research citations and 80+ personalization and search patents to good use for this start-up. As a result, Eightfold.ai holds the distinction of being the first talent intelligence platform that is AI-based and combines analysis of publicly available internal data repositories, publicly available data, ATS tools, spreadsheets, and Human Capital Resource Management systems to create ontologies based on company-specific success criteria.

Every single ontology or section of talent management interest can be customized to accommodate additional queries with the app’s intuitive user interface.

Endive Software

Based out of India and the United States, this company founded in 2008 values passion, professionalism, and expertise. Combining these three together, the start-up has established a solid business solution provider that offers the best services in its class to increase business profits and improve customer value.

The company has a superb team of professionals in place who possess the expertise to deliver state of the art solutions for all business-specific needs using the latest innovative technologies.


CrowdAI is one of the most fascinating start-ups right now that is relying on a combination of human intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to improve the value of drone, aerial, and satellite imagery. The start-up has gathered the team from OpenAI, IBM Watson, UC Berkeley, Google, and University of Oxford, and has the support of Y Combinator.


Based in India and Germany, ArStudioz was founded in 2017, and despite being a relatively new start-up, the firm has garnered a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient digital solutions to businesses of all kinds. If you have a creative, executable start-up idea worth investing in, this artificial intelligence software development agency will provide the wings you need to soar high in the practical world.


This start-up uses machine learning to find anomalies in financial data so it can thwart potential back fraud, breaches, and other kinds of criminal activity in the financial services sector. The platform has been carefully designed to provide insights into fraudulent behavior using unsupervised ML capable of identifying attack campaigns before they do any lasting damage.


DataRobot is an enterprise machine learning platform that is meant to be used for broad usability and adoption across various skill levels in a company. The platform offers a wide range of tools and algorithms for creating and deploying AI and ML projects, including libraries of numerous open source ML algorithms.

Concluding remarks

Machine learning start-ups are everywhere right now, but the ones listed above are the ones to watch out for given their ability to attract new clients, their current value, potential and position.

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