The latest social media buzz word is “snap”. The younger crowd is using the Snapchat app throughout their entire day. In fact, some Snapchat users check the app several times an hour. When asking a high school or college student how many times they check their Snapchat a large majority will respond with a number greater than 25. Yes, millennials are checking Snapchat over 25 times in a single day. With that being the case luxury auto manufacturers are jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon, as they did and used Snapchat at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Luxury Vehicle Manufactures See the Value of Snapchat

Audi and Acura were two luxury vehicle manufacturers that jumped on Snapchat very early. The ability to reach a younger audience that will be purchasing vehicles in the next three to five years is extremely important for these companies. It is no longer the case that brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar can reach the younger, hip crowd on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, some brands have removed the Twitter branding and replaced it with the Snapchat QR Code. This will be evident during Super Bowl 50 when a number of the TV commercials will encourage viewers to follow their Snapchat accounts to get more information on a specific make and model vehicle.

Luxury Vehicle Manufactures See the Value of Snapchat

It will be interesting to see how vehicle manufacturers encourage young drivers to stay off Snapchat, and social media, while driving. Texting and driving and distracted driving has caused accidents in all major cities throughout the United States. Some of the more severe distracted driving accidents happen in rural areas on country roads as drivers are traveling at a higher rate of speed and more curves are involved.

In the near future it may be the case that Snapchat and social media apps will not function in a moving vehicle but that is not the case today. With luxury vehicles having such a strong presence on Snapchat it will be very important for these major brands to explain the importance of paying attention to the road. For several decades DUI and DWI offenses were the major concern for teens and young adults. Today, it is distracted driving due to the use of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps.
During Super Bowl 50 keep an eye on the Snapchat ghosts being used by luxury vehicle manufacturers. It will likely be the case that these companies will try to educate young drivers on not only their products but they ways to stay safe while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.


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