With the highly expected arrival of Samsung’s Note 5, the Korean silicon giant is all set to dominate the market in 2015 as far as phablets are concerned. When the 5.3” Note was originally launched, many had expressed apprehension about its dimensions. But smartphones have not only grown in size since then – 2011 – but also have retained their popularity. So the Note has to be the uncrowned ‘king of smartphones’, holding a privileged position against its own flagship device, including Samsung Galaxy S6. Despite Galaxy Note 4 being a few months old, there are rumors of release of Galaxy Note 5 already.

Unique Features

The release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is scheduled in the third quarter of 2015. It is being claimed that it will be the first smartphone that features a 4K display and a pixel Ultra HD 3840 x 2160. In all likelihood it is going to be an oversized version of S6 as well as a take-off from the Galaxy S6 Edge. It is rumored that Nexus 6 will be rivaled by Note 5 too in its 6” form factor. Note 5 will have better memory components which will allow it to manage multitasking pretty substantially.

Release Date for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Though Note 4, that was launched in September 2014, is still going strong, Samsung is all set to release Note 5 soon in 2015. The exact date of release is still a guarded secret as the company has not shed any light on it yet. Hence, the potential release date towards the third quarter of 2015, is only an assumption so far. Curiously if one were to go by the Korean company’s product cycles one would be able to more or less predict when Note 5, the fantastic fifth generation phablet shall be launched in the market. The IFA conference in September, which is Berlin based, is perhaps a sure shot event for the phablet’s landing. Going by the pattern of previous Note releases, one can assume safely that September will see the launch of this grand Note 5 phablet, the rival of iPhone 6. It’s very likely that the dates may be anywhere between 4th and 9th September, 2015. More precisely, the scheduled date may be marked on Wednesday, 2nd September. In that case those who are patiently awaiting its release will have to wait till almost October to get it from the stores.

News from the Sales Zones

Despite the Galaxy S6 hitting the market early April, much rests on the launch and success of Galaxy Note 5. Unfortunately the past year, 2014 was a financially woeful year for the smartphone giant, as it witnessed a slump in sales even though there were eleven million sales of S5 units during the first month of its launch. This was a massive sixty percent less in the past one year. Now the company has a rectified sales pitch and target after having lost out on the market in the past several months. The main factor for the slump is the decline in sales of smartphones, where even the S5 has failed to improve the target sales figures. Recently an official spokesperson of the company stated that Samsung will reinforce its premium branding, smart technology and great product line to face the stiff competitiveness in the phablet market. It will combat product competitiveness in the ever changing market.


The new framed metal, which has replaced the previous plastic support, is already a selling point for the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha. Samsung has moved to more premium offerings in terms of design and feel which will definitely play an important role in consumer decisions to own a phablet, a Galaxy Note 5 to be precise. Though the company will continue to focus on the premium feel and look of the phone or Note 5, a fully metallic handset was done away with to avoid a heavy, hard and cold feel and touch. People have been craving a metal back according to surveys, but lead Samsung designers do not quite agree on this simply because using metal frames just for the sake of using did not make enough sense. They certainly do not want the device to feel too hard and too cold. An important part of the whole Samsung experience is to change the batteries which can happen easily with the cover that is soft.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Surprises

The screen of the much awaited Note 5 has been a matter of great curiosity and speculation among industry experts. Since Note 4 took the phablet to QHD from Full HD territory, it is not wrong to assume that technology will be pushed further and the panel will be a 4K one. Insider reports suggest that the production of the first such 4K phone displays will start next August. This move will take place to facilitate the product line-up of Galaxy Note 5 to happen by October in the retailers’ stores. The display estimated at 3840 x 2160 pixels, is expected to stretch across nearly six inch 4K display. The stunning and detailed pixel image density is undoubtedly something to watch out for.

Samsung has confirmed that it will be bringing in the very first UHD phone in the market by 2015 third quarter. So far there is no reason to doubt these claims. Still shrouded in mystery the Note 5 screen continues to raise expectations and curiosity. It is being speculated that Samsung will continue with its AMOLED panels but may also incorporate the technology used in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note Edge. The good news is that prices will not be affected much despite the cutting edge technology used and it will be affordable according to reliable inside sources. It is expected that the headlines will be stolen by the 4K display; however, overall the Note 5 will be quite a smartphone powerhouse to reckon with. To add to its uniqueness, Note 5 will possibly be running either a newer chipset if not the Qualcomm Snapdragon 815 processor.

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