I don’t know about you, fellow readers, but when I was in school, there were few things more dramatic than the concept of a final exam. Our teachers would constantly drill us with how important those pieces of paper actually were, telling us time and time again that the results of a simple test could impact the remainder of our lives, deciding before we’d even managed to hit the peak of our teenage years, whether we would be successful or not. However, in Lancashire, it seems that the teachers are finally starting to take a different approach when it comes to reassuring and caring for their students. A head teacher’s unique letter to pupils has inspired thousands of people around the world, featuring on various Facebook feeds, Twitter posts, and even national newspapers.

This is the right way to encourage kids!

This is the right way to encourage kids!

Teaching Children to Be Proud of Themselves

The head teacher denied some negative accusations that his letter was encouraging students to believe that test scores don’t matter, and announced that all he was trying to do was remind children that everyone is different, and there are various ways of ‘being smart’. The introduction of the letter tells students that the school is proud of them for all they have managed to achieve through a particularly stressful week, before adding that it is important to remember that the results they get will not tell them everything about what a unique, special, and valuable person they really are.

Children to Be Proud of Themselves

I personally found the whole letter incredibly touching, and believe that this is the way we should all respond to examinations within school. Yes, they can be important when it comes to figuring out what a child is capable of, but they are by no means thorough enough to fully encapsulate everything that makes an individual truly special. How do you feel about this letter going viral? Do you think teachers are giving students the right idea when it comes to examinations and building their concept of self-worth? Let us know!


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