How I met Your Dad (HIMYD)

After some controversy regarding the concept of a ‘How I met your Mother spinoff’ named ‘How I met your Dad’, with many people arguing as to whether the creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays would actually follow through with the idea, Bays himself tweeted that the HIMYD spinoff was not going to happen:


The notion of a Mother-based spin on the franchise was set to follow Greta Gerwig’s character ‘Sally’, as she told her children, in Ted-Mosby long-winded style, all about how she came to meet their father. Alongside Gerwig as Sally, Andrew Santino was cast to play her gay brother, Danny, with Drew Tarver as his beloved partner, Todd, Nicholas D’Agosto was cast as a potential love interest named Frank, Tiya Sircar was intended to be Sally’s best buddy, Juliet. However, all of these individuals were released from their contracts in June after the concept fell through.

What Made HIMYM Great

What Made HIMYM GreatHow I met your Mother definitely made its mark on the world of television, ending in such a way that many fans were left heart-broken and aching for more. Walking the dangerous, and sometimes unsuccessful line between comedy and drama, the show treated audiences to a selection of laugh-out-loud humour, alongside various sentimental, truly heart-wrenching moments. After you were finished laughing until you cried at some of the most fantastic aspects of the series, such as the Slap Bet, Robin’s bizarre career as a pop star, or the naked man:

You found yourself suddenly accosted with some seriously painful moments, like the death of Marshal’s father. The show made use of flashbacks and flash-forwards unlike anyone had before, with Bays and Thomas making the daring choice to include flashbacks as an integral part of a multi-cam sitcom. The decision could have gone terribly, but instead, some of the funniest moments throughout the HIMYM history came as a flashback, such as the hippy Barney Stinson, Canadian pop star Robin Scherbatsky, and would-be philosopher Ted Mosby.

What the Spinoff Would Have to Achieve

HIMYM GreatIf the directors were to decide to reboot the concept of a ‘How I met Your Dad’ spinoff, there would certainly be some big shoes to fill. A unique trait of the HIMYM franchise is that it recognized the social rules of a new generation and reached out to its audience in a way no-one else could. Something of a social science experiment in its own right, the show tried and tested various principles, including ‘The Woo Girl’, the ‘Slap Bet’, and the theory that nothing good happens after 2am, going so far as to publishing the theories of womanizer Barney Stinson in ‘The Bro Code’. To really achieve success, a spinoff would have to be just as engaging, and just as committed to really reaching out to its audience. Although I’d love to see more from How I met Your Mother, after really enjoying the show for several years, I’m not sure that a revival would be able to work quite as well. What do you think? Should How I met Your Dad make a comeback? Let us know!


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