To help you avoid a painful experience later on, we’ve put together a list of the five health training mistakes you absolutely must avoid – right from day 1 itself.

Health Training Mistakes To Avoid From Day 1

1. Working out without a plan

Most people make this mistake, but you shouldn’t. The very first step to a healthier you is this: creating the right training schedule. It is extremely crucial that you give structure to your routine at the gym. Statistics show that people who set active goals have better chances of success. So make sure you create your own workout routine and plan with carefully demarcated slots for exercise and adequate time for resting your muscles, so you can remain motivated for a longer period.

2. Working out without any idea of your requirements

Health Workout Mistakes to Avoid

The next mistake which is quite common to beginners involves a lack of understanding regarding their needs. In weight training, for example, it’s important to know whether you need more weights or to increase the number of sets. It is important to know which sections of your body you should focus on – core, strength or muscle training, while maintaining an overall healthy approach to training every part of your body so as to not over-exert one particular part of it.

3. Working out without proper support from the dietician

proper support from the dietician

A dietary plan is crucial to success at the gym, but most people pay no heed to the balance of exercise and food. A pre-exercise and post-exercise meal apart, it is crucial to know what kind of food can help you achieve the body goals you want. Fluids are important: beverages weighing approximately 1 ounce/10 pounds (body weight), at least 4hrs before exercising, can lead to significant improvements.

4. Working out incorrectly


There are two subdivisions to this: not working out muscles that count, and not taking the full advantage of every kind of exercise available. In the first, it’s easy to see how many beginners forget training the minor muscles including those protecting the hips, joints, etc. People also make the mistake of avoiding aerobic exercises, which can actually be extremely crucial to your overall training. Varying your exercises is crucial: keep your body guessing, and lose more fat!

5. The before and the after of workouts

There are two things that most beginners forget: you need to do a proper warm-up session, before beginning with strength training in particular. Second, you need to rest between each set. Chances are that if you avoid either of these on Day 1, you’ll feel incapable of getting back up on your feet for Day 2.


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