Guardians of the Galaxy

A message to the comic book geeks: SOON! Soon the uninitiated will know why we’ve been harping on about this since it was announced! Ahem, anyway.

So guys, the day of the Guardians of the Galaxy release is swiftly approaching and with it comes many questions. These, to be honest, are the same questions that people who don’t actually read the comics have had since day one. Who are they? Why should I care? Is Iron-Man going to make an appearance? I’m going to go out on a limb and give a solid no for that last one. Well in this piece we’re not going to explain their origins, there’s already plenty of internet for that. But what we will look at is why people should care. Not about the Guardians or even this actual movie, but what it represents as an idea. Firstly, let’s get the big one out of the way.

Hodor before it was cool

Groot: Acting like Hodor before it was cool

The Avengers aren’t going to be around for much longer

Not in their current form anyway. I’m sorry but it’s true, take a moment to compose yourself if you need to. All good? Great. There are many, many members of the Avengers so it’s totally feasible, if not expected, that another group of marvel heroes will take up the mantle after the current incarnation is done with. But even if that wasn’t the case, we already know that Mr R Downey Jr wants to be moving on from playing himself in a robot suit. Plus, Chris Evans wants to get out of the acting business altogether after his time as Cap comes to a close. So this movie will be an introduction for audiences to a world outside the Avengers but still in the same universe. Here’s why I think Marvel has chosen this movie to lead the charge.


Seriously, that isn’t even all of them these days

If it works with Guardians it’ll work with anything

That’s not because they’re uninteresting or have a story that’s hard to interpret for the big screen. It’s because they’re so damn obscure. Now I read the comics, a lot, and I didn’t really know that much about the Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie was announced. If Marvel can get people to care about characters they had no prior knowledge about and make a massive box office hit out of it, then they can do it again -with any of their characters. We already know that Ant-man (shut up he’s awesome) and Dr Strange movies are in the works. So if those work too and Marvel knows it can make a successful franchise from any of its properties once the Avengers is wrapped up, who knows what could come next. Black Panther? Ms. Marvel? Blackbolt and the Immortals? Sorry, I’m probably just confusing you now.

So that’s why Guardians of the Galaxy could prove the heroes Marvel need them to be. To save the future of their films. And I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. I mean, at least it’s not by an outside studio…



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