Google Pixel 3 and its counterpart Pixel 3 XL opened for pre-booking on October 9, 2018 and we cannot stop talking about it. The tech giant has yet again done it after its clean sweep with Pixel 2. Google has included multiple WOW factors that clearly distinguish it from other smartphones released in 2018.

Here’s a quick specs cheat sheet:

  • 12.2 megapixel camera with Dual-LED flash, Auto-HDR, panorama.
  • 8-megapixel + 8 megapixel wide angle lens front camera
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 2.5GHz octa-core (4×2.5GHz + 4×1.6GHz) Processor
  • 5 inch display with 1080×2160 pixels.
  • Front/back glass (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame
  • Storage Capacity: 64/128 GB, 4 GB RAM
  • Latest Android Pie

Supercharged Camera

The machine learning camera smarts is claimed by Google to make Pixel 3 one of the best camera phones in 2018. And the specs do not disappoint. Google promised the best photos in 2018 and we think it is all set to deliver. The photos are set to be better than ever before with Pixel clearly being a robust competition to camera kings like Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Pixel Visual Core

Dual cameras are the highlight in this phone. The cameras get their wow factor from a dedicated chip called Pixel Visual Core. 12.2 MP rear facing camera does a great job of machine learning by picking the best photos to avoid ‘top shots’ and blurry images.

Night Sight

Google claimed Pixel 3 to beat iPhone XS in terms of low light photos at the launch event. Specs like optical and electronic image stabilization included in Pixel 3 certainly make it possible. The rear facing camera has f/1.8 aperture which frankly might not be record breaking. However, shooting with large 1.4 micron pixels does make some heads turn.

Selfie Snapper

The second camera in front shows true promise. There is no other camera in the market which can boast of an all-encompassing group selfie. The dual lens front facing camera are 8MP each and effective in bringing in the whole squad in one image. The apertures vary here with the normal selfie lens having f/1.8 and f/2.2 for the wide angle lens. An extra lens in front promises better Portrait mode shots.

Appealing Design

Pixel 3 design is signature Google with the continuation of two-tone texture in this 3rd generation. The upper back cover has a shiny glass with the lower 80% giving a matte finish. This is actually a great addition as you get the power of wireless charging with no stubborn finger stains.

Corning Gorilla Glass 5

There are many phones launched in 2018 that come with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. However, none compare to Pixel 3 with a hybrid coating to protect the aluminum frame sandwiched in between the front and back screen. By the way, the aluminum frame is the only bit of metal you will find in the entire outer body.

The all-glass design is perfect for enhanced LTE connection and wireless charging. Other noteworthy smartphones using this glass are Samsung S9, Xperia XZ2 and (maybe) iPhone X. However, both Apple and Corning never confirm this.

Smoother Finish

If you were a fan of Pixel 2, then you will fall in love with Pixel 3. It’s like Google put Pixel 2 through a smoothening machine to bring out well-rounded edges and a frame that is more curvy than boxy. This is a spectacular design when compared with other phones of the season. It also comes with an IP68 rating that ensures better water resistance.

Front Facing Speakers

The dual front facing speakers are a real distinctive addition. No other manufacturer does this anymore.

Active Edge

Having a dedicated AI button like in Samsung (with Bixby) can be frustrating when you confuse it with the volume button. Pixel 3 takes care of this with Active Edge. All you need to do to call up Google Assistant is to squeeze the sides of the phone.

Power-packed Screen

Google Pixel 3 XL


At first look the screen looks richer with better colors. The screen is tall with more pixels per inch. It is a 5.5 inch P-OLED that gives you the image of expansive and big and deeper as compared with iPhone XS.

Aptly Sized

The phone is small in a ‘fit comfortably in one hand’ way. It measures 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9mm. However, do not let the tiny size confuse you. Pixel 3 is like a tiny power packed machine.


18:9 aspect ratio does wonders in keeping bezel to a bare minimum. There is no escaping bezel when you provide dual speakers and front facing cameras. However, it is far better than some other phones with ugly notch cut out deep.


android pie


There is no denying the fact that Android Pie will run smoother and more efficient on a Google device as it owns both hardware and software. Pixel 3 also promises latest operating system updates straight from Google while running on pure Android Pie. There are significant enhancements including a new method of gesture navigation and notifications along with ways of curbing phone use.

Google Pixel Stand

Google Pixel Stand is the latest in Google’s line of show-off gadgets. This wireless charger supports Pixel 3 while turning it into an Assistant Powered Hub. You got that right. This is one of the major reasons why you shouldn’t cheap off into using other Qi Wireless Charging Standards such as the one by Samsung.

Efficient Wireless Charging

Glass back is a stipulation for Qi Wireless charging to function properly. Google has this technique hands down with Pixel 3 boasting of an all-day battery with normal use.

Assistant Features

The user interface adjusts itself automatically whenever you dock your phone. It shows relevant information conveniently at a glance. It also comes with one touch tap suggestions and active voice controls.

Google claims that it will literally give you the same benefits as the ones you get by the new Google Home Hub. You will also be able to control other smart home devices like Nest hello while your phone is docked.

If this wasn’t enough, your phone will automatically go into a ‘Do not disturb’ mode when you dock it at night. It will display ambient light mimicking a sunrise to help wake you up in the mornings. You can also use it to cycle some of your pictures. While playing music it will show the Album cover art which is a much better addition to an area as compared to a blank black slate.

When Can You Buy It?

This is the million dollar question. The pre-booking started on October 9 this year. The devices will hit the stands in US on October 18 while UK and Australia users can buy it starting from November 1. The US Google Pixel 3 is priced at $799 for 64GB and $899 for 128 GB variant.

The Pixel Stand became available for pre-booking on October 9 as well priced at $79. The price can be an ‘ouch’ factor for some. However, completely worth it when you judge it against the backdrop of multiple exceptional features.

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