In 2019, around 63% of all marketers state that they face difficulty in generating new leads and boosting traffic? Are you one of them? Drawing new users to your site regularly can be a challenge especially when hundreds of new websites are coming into existence every day. Apart from maintaining quality content on your site, you have to manage your social media presence, blogs, and on-site SEO (search engine optimization) factors.

No one ever says “running a successful website is easy”, but it can become a little bit easier than it is now with the help of cloud-based digital marketing tools. Modern business automation tools such as helpdesk desk software and marketing automation tools such as customer service software make a lot of your work seamless and integrated. If you can’t wait to find out how to improve your marketing strategy, here are the top 10 cloud-based digital marketing software that can help your business –

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing

You cannot think about digital marketing automation using cloud-based tech without thinking about HubSpot Marketing. It has the inbuilt tools that help users integrate their email, blogs, SEO, lead generation, lead management and analytics.

It is the one-in-all solution for all businesses hoping to bring about complete automation in their digital marketing strategies. Its wide acceptance makes HubSpot one of the most well cultivated platforms on the planet. Troubleshooting is not only simple, but also super quick on this platform for all users, old and new.

LeadSquared Marketing Automation 

This cloud-based digital marketing platform caters to SMBs, start-ups as well as large corporations. Its scalability makes LeadSquared one of the most sought after platforms for enterprises. It runs seamlessly on Linux, Mac, Windows and mobile devices.

It has varying price packages depending on the services necessary for each business. Its drip marketing and email marketing integrated tools make LeadSquared Marketing Automation one of the best options for businesses that leverage Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Instapage and Unbounce.

Netcore Smartech

Netcore Smartech is currently one of the leading cloud-based marketing automation platforms for businesses. It exclusively focuses on campaign management and business growth. Therefore, a number of new SMBs and startups use Netcore Smartech in the initial phases.

It provides excellent customer experience via cross-channel automation, journey mapping, messaging tools and sales funnel analytics. Its integrated analytics makes it one of the better cloud-based solutions for the management of digital marketing of new and established businesses in 2019.


This cloud-based platform is ideal for B2B companies. It is a product of Salesforce that is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Email marketing, sales intelligence and lead maintenance are only some of the tools included in Pardot. It currently has three annual payment plans and a business can choose the plans according to their marketing needs.

NAVIK MarketingAI

NAVIK MarketingAI

The NAVIK MarketingAI was built by AbsolutData. This cloud based platform adds a new dimension to existing digital marketing plans by providing the necessary resources for hyper personalization, campaign simulations, predicted behavior models of users and dynamic micro segmentations. Their enterprise version pricing is based on quotes, so a representative has to get in touch with the provider for more information on pricing.

IBM Digital Marketing

The IBM Digital Marketing might sound new to marketers since it was popular as SilverPop earlier. It has a glorious history since 1999, when it was created to meet the necessities of online entrepreneurs. The IBM Digital Marketing platform is right now ideal for every B2B business looking for software solutions.

The cloud-based digital marketing platform provides multiple services including digital marketing analytics, lead generation and management, and customer journey design options. The pricing is flexible and one needs to speak with an IBM Digital Marketing representative for the best prices.


Marin is a leading cloud-based digital marketing and ad management platform that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs manage their presence on multiple social media platforms. It uses a combination of robust optimization, massive scale processing and intuitive design to tailor experiences for every target customer group.

Marin can help you maximize the impact of your digital marketing campaign by integrating multiple facets of your strategy. Apart from the consolidation of ads and marketing material, you can focus on optimization and analytics of your ad campaigns on one secure platform. Additionally, Marin also offers AI functionalities to all users in 2019.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

This platform aspires to help all digital marketing experts to create unique and fluid customer experiences for all new customers. It comes from the house of Adobe, one of the leaders of the SaaS world. Therefore, it has all the software tools one can expect from a cloud-based content management and marketing provider. It includes media optimizers, and programmatic marketing options for the personalization of content pieces for different target demographics.

Salesforce Social Studio

The Salesforce Social Studio is an exclusive social media management platform that offers cloud-based functionalities. It helps in the management of social media marketing tactics. It has fine content management and publishing tools. It allows the users to schedule posts, follow consumer behavior and manage leads on social media. It has latest social media analytics options that allows the optimization of social media content.


It is a leading marketing platform that can help with new customer acquisition. Cision makes it easy for brands to reach out to target audiences through social media platforms. The built-in tools help with the integration of social media along with email marketing strategies. It has stellar automation tools that maintain marketing campaigns while the creative team can come up with brilliant new marketing ideas.

Even the best business ideas require a little boost. Whether you own a small business or a roaring big one, 2019 is the time to usher some automation into your business marketing. Using cloud-based technology for the management of marketing techniques and content can free up resources that you can use to fuel business operations. So what are you waiting for? Let your enterprise soar through success, while you think about new business plans, product ideas and marketing strategies.

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