Sherlock’s Return

Finally, all of the Holmes fans out there have something tangible to look forward in the (more distant than we would have hoped) future. BBC One have confirmed that there will be a Sherlock special, followed by a three-episode fourth season, and that shooting would begin this January, with work on the new season to begin somewhere in 2015. Although there isn’t any actual information available at this point on when the release dates for these episodes will be, and what they will contain, the BBC have hinted that they will take some time to focus on our favourite villain, Moriarty.

Sherlock’s Return Confirmed

“Every fairy-tale needs a good old fashioned villain.”

What the BBC Have Said

According to the BBC, the new season will be the most shocking one yet, and on twitter, they recently announced that the only thing fans should be expecting from the return of our favourite sociopath is ‘the unexpected’. Surely, we should almost be used to that by now, with people popping up out of nowhere, coming back from the dead and so on in the previous three seasons.

The biggest problem that most people have with Sherlock revolves around the waiting period between seasons. It’s torture! With each one hitting the screens about two years apart, it looks as though season four of Sherlock could be ready to air somewhere in 2016, leaving us with another gruelling two year break.


Come on Moffat, we’re dying here!

So far, there’s very little to say on the upcoming series, with Moffat himself announcing that it’s ‘far too early’ to know what is coming, but we’re all being told to keep on our toes for the next exciting instalment. Don’t worry loyal readers of the Trending Buzz, we’ll be here to keep you company along the way.


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