Most websites out there are focused on the same niche. So, what would make your site stand out from all the others? Well, it comes down to offering highly engaging, interactive content. This is one of the best ways to stand out in the competitive online world. You need original and useful content to rank highly on search engine results. But it is not easy to create fresh and excite content for your website if you are not using the right tools. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best tools for creating interactive content in 2019.

Interactive Content

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark has only been around for a few years but has already made a mark as one of the most user-friendly platforms to create interactive content for a website, blog or social media. Adobe Spark is made up of three different apps;  Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video. You don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to use this app. You can use Adobe Spark to create infographics, videos, web pages, and exciting posts. The best part is that is was designed for mobile.


Ceros is one of my favorite platforms for creating interactive content. Why? Well, it is very easy to use.  You need zero knowledge of coding to use the platform. There are hundreds of templates on the platform. You merely need to drag and drop to add animations, images, and videos to your content. The goal of Ceros is to enable you to bring life to your content. It supports sharing on social media. You can even access statistics on how the audience engages with your content.


Canva is a graphic-design website that allows you to edit photos and create captivating videos and graphics. You can even use Canva to create a logo, digital invitation card, banner for your website, email header and so much more. The platform has a drag and drop design. There are thousands of templates and millions of fonts, pictures, and graphics to choose from on Canva. Whether you want to make infographics for your next business meeting or you want to spice up your Instagram Story, Canva has got you covered.


SnapApp is a platform that was created to allow marketers to create interactive content and track user engagement. You can use SnapApp to create all types of online content including surveys, polls, infographics, whitepapers, videos, and more. The platform has a drag and drop interface with plenty of templates and design tools to take advantage of. You can even integrate it with some of the top martech platforms available today like Pardot. SnapApp is not only useful for creating authentic, engaging content but also sharing and tracking its performance.


Are you looking to create an online learning platform? If yes, then Opentute was built for you. This site has everything you need to create your online institute and grow it. You do not just get to customize your e-learning platform with Opentute, it comes with a course builder, instant messaging and chat, as well as user analytics and a reports generator. That’s just some of the things you can do on Opentute. The platform even supports selling membership and e-packages to users. Opentute is the ultimate solution if you want to share your knowledge, interacts with other experts and grow your audience without spending a fortune.


We’ve all had to make a presentation now and again. One of the most difficult things with creating a presentation is making it engaging. Well, with Prezi, creating captivating presentations has never been easier. Prezi allows you to highlight particular text as well as add images and videos to your presentation. There are different templates to choose from on Prezi. It will enable you to create in-depth and entertaining presentations without any technical knowledge. You can also collaborate with your friends or colleagues to create the best presentation on Prezi. What’s more, it comes with telecommunication tools which allows you to make a presentation remotely.


Apester is an exciting platform for creating and sharing interactive content. It allows you to create Snapchat-style stories, polls, and other types of interactive content. Apester is built to let you integrate interactive content to your website without any hassle. It also allows you to monetize your content and access statistical insights into your audience and what engages them. You can choose your own layout or use a pre-existing one. Plus Apester offers loads of free videos, GIFs, and images that you can use. You can even integrate relevant playlists and newsfeed to your content. The fact that some of the biggest companies around like AOL use Apester should tell you something about this platform.


If you are into making videos, then you have to check out Biteable. This platform was created to allow you to create videos and share them online within a few minutes. But it is not just videos. Biteable can be used to create infographics, Instagram Story, slideshows, Facebook Ads, animated logos, and so much more. It comes with lots of beautiful animations, clips, templates, and even soundtracks that you can use. Biteable also allows you to personalize your content by adding your logo or even pictures. There is so much you can do with Biteable. Trust me; it has never been easier to create captivating videos.


GIFs have emerged to become one of the top online communications tools of this era. And if you think GIFs are just for fun, you need to reconsider. Adding GIFs to your content (either text or videos) can make it more exciting and enjoyable. With that said, there are so many platforms out there for creating GIFs, but Giphy is arguably the best. Giphy has a massive collection of GIFs, memes, music, and excerpts from movies and TV shows that you can use. This platform also enables you to create your own GIFs from scratch. But that’s not all; once you create your GIF, Giphy allows you to share them on all the major social media platforms with ease.


I love memes! And I’m sure you like them too. Kapwing is one of the most popular platforms for creating memes. It does not only allow you to create memes but also videos and GIFs. The site has a vast library of images, videos, and GIFs for you to work with. You can even choose from different templates for your meme. Kapwing is more than just a website for creating memes; it allows you to so much more including editing videos by looping, resizing, trimming, adding audio and adding subtitles to name a few.


This is not a comprehensive list of the best tools available for creating online content. However, it includes some of the best among them. Using the tools above, you can boost the visibility of your site, make your content more engaging, attract more visitors, and measure the impact of your work in terms of user engagement.

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