House of Cards – the name’s enough to ring some bells in your mind, that’s if you are a lover of high voltage television series entertainment. These are days of expectations; the long awaited House of Cards: Season 3 is going to release at last! The five reasons to watch this season, if at all you need them—here they are:

1. Sex tops(less?) it all

Irrespective of the twists and turns of the plot, a TV serial gets really boring without any toppings of sexually attractive content, especially when sexually rife content has become quite acceptable on the small screen. With ‘House of Cards’, you will not find any reasons to complain! If you’re a regular viewer of House of Cards, then you might have recollections of how steamy the episodes got with Frank and Clair (not to mention, the secret staff) in the last season. We hope the latest edition brings in some reloaded naughty content for viewers.

2. Fashionably fascinating

Mrs. Underwood is hot! There’s absolutely no question about it. But what’s sexier is her choice of clothes! When she appears in those skintight apparels, and when she opts to show her body off in these attires, it turns into a jaw-dropping spectacle for the audiences. It seems like she has got an unending supply of these designer wears, let’s see that Season 3 has in store.

3. Thrill is the real deal

Last season’s ending has left people confused, excited, and shocked. All lies, tricks, and games on Frank’s part culminate with the murder, and he succeeds in reaching the White House with all his wicked means. That leaves the audience with President Underwood, which is frightening as hell all by itself. In addition, this triggers the nail-biting anticipation of what Frank plans to do with his new chair!

4. Long awaited

It’s super generous of Netflix to release the complete season as a whole, particularly when the audiences have waited for a whole year with rising expectancy for House of Cards’ latest season. That, along with the time lapse between the announcement of the upcoming release and the actual release, has heightened the anticipation.

5. Brave the winters with entertainment

It’s quite unbearably cold now in almost every part of America. Except for the citizens of California or Florida, the climate this winter has been drastically harsh. With 6 feet snow blocking your doors, it gets tough to go outside, and if you need an extra excuse to stay insides, then what better than tuning in to the sexually shimmering and politically pulsating episodes of a show like House of Cards?


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