Although I personally consider myself to be a veritable fountain of generally useless and random information, most people don’t have a wealth of facts simply tucked away in the back of their mind for last minute retrieval during awkward lunch silences or moments spent waiting for the elevator. Most of the time, the facts that we do learn spend a short amount of time clogging up the front portions of our brains before we hastily sweep them away to make room for new, exciting information, (like what we’re having for lunch tomorrow). With that in mind, the Trending Buzz is here to give you access to the pieces of trivia you probably don’t know, and even though these facts may seem a little bizarre, I promise you that they are 100% legitimate.

1.)    A teddy-bear once suffocated around 2,500 fish at once, effectively murdering them. By clogging the drain within a hatchery, the furry friend prevented the fish from getting any oxygen, which unfortunately led to their untimely demise.


2.)    Cats do not use meowing as a way to communicate with other cats. Instead, the meow of a cat is actually only used to communicate with us human-beings. It’s a little bit like when we make up a whole new language full of cutesy sounds when speaking to babies.


“Bring me food fleshy-slave. I mean…meow.”

3.)    The scientific name for the western Low-land gorilla is actually “Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla” and refers to its species, sub-species, and genus. So if you’re ever considering complaining to anyone about having an un-imaginative name, you may want to think twice.

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

4.)    If you were to breathe in the air of Mumbai for an entire twenty-four hours, you would have inhaled the equivalent of around 100 cigarettes in that time.

100 cigarettes

5.)    It’s possible for an elephant to actually die of a broken heart. This is particularly common when young elephants are separated from their herds during periods of movement. Don’t ever say those big animals don’t feel emotions.

big animals don’t feel emotions

6.)    In Sweden, in 1996, a couple attempted to officially name their new son “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlb11116”, for some bizarre reason. I suppose you have to give them credit for coming up with a totally unique title, but you have to admit, they must have been some pretty strange people. Apparently, if the name was allowed, they would have pronounced it as ‘Albin’. No, it doesn’t make sense to me, either.


7.)    The awe-inspiringly brilliant writer, director, and actor Bryan Cranston was cast as two separate Power rangers villains in 1993, before his memorable portrayal of a cancer-ridden meth lord. They were called Twinman, and Snizzard.

Bryan Cranston

8.)    In the original book, Pinocchio actually murders the delightful Jiminy Cricket, imprisons the guy that constructed him in the first place for three years, bites off the paw of a cat and kills a snake by making it laugh so hard it literally explodes.

Pinocchio actually murders the delightful Jiminy Cricket

9.)    There is an ancient, and largely forgotten strain of the Mexican language that only two people in the entire world are capable of speaking. Those two people refuse to talk to one another, commenting that they simply don’t get along.

capable of speaking Mexican

10.)   Russia has a larger overall surface area than the former planet Pluto. Pluto only has a measly 16.6 million square km to boast of, whereas Russia has a full 17 million.



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